What is org.codeaurora.snapcam and Can I Delete It?

The software, hardware, and other components that are required to maintain the functionality of high-tech electronic devices have a lot of technical names that are difficult to understand.

If you have a Google camera, you may have heard the name “Org Codeaurora Snapcam” but been confused about what it is.

Your activity will list Org Codeaurora Snapcam, which is the name of a package for a particular Google camera port modification for non-Google cameras. The package name is only used to identify the modified version of GCAM that allows users who are not Pixels to benefit from the incredible features that Google cameras enable.

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Why Android choose the codeaurora snapcam as the name of port mod?

Like countless others, you may be perplexed as to why Android chose the org codeaurora snapcam app to serve as the port mod for the third-party Google Camera.

The quick response is that Android has already created two cameras for its devices as of right now. It follows that the existing ports must be modified if it wants another camera to function.

Therefore, a port mod known as codeaurora snapcam was created in an effort to support auxiliary cameras.

Org.codeaurora.snapcam android app as an package name

Each app has a distinctive extension known as the package that is used to identify it in the Google Play and App Stores as well as third-party stores.

The app is listed on the activity log on My Google Activity for Android devices using the same package name. Even though org codeaurora snapcam does not denote an app. The functionality it represents makes it ideal for having the package name.

Because it denotes a port mod for a different feature and functionality, e. , camera, makes the package name extension worthwhile.

what is org.codeaurora.snapcam?

Different words in Android app package names are separated by commas. Generally, the name follows the domain. company. application format. This makes them identify the apps easily. In such the org. codeaurora. snapcam follows the same pattern.

org. codeaurora. The package name for a particular Google Camera port mod created for non-Google devices is snapcam. The package name is only used to identify the modified version of GCAM that non-Pixel users can use to take advantage of Google’s extensive photography capabilities.

This Google Camera (GCam) unofficial port with the package name org codeaurora. Snapcam extends Google’s computational photography’s advantages to non-Google devices.

  • Name: BSG’s Google Camera port
  • Package Name: org.codeaurora.snapcam
  • Developer: BSG
  • FAQ

    What is Snapcam used for?

    Applying Lenses to your face while using the webcam on your computer is possible with Snap Camera. By choosing Snap Camera as your webcam device, you can use Snap Camera in your preferred third-party live streaming or video chat applications.

    What is * CodeAurora * org?

    Code Aurora is a group of businesses with open source projects that support the mobile wireless ecosystem. It is a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

    What is org CodeAurora IMS on my Android?

    For your information, Google claims that this is a system app related to placing calls, blocking incoming calls, timing incoming calls, transferring calls, etc.

    What is Btmultisim CodeAurora?

    codeaurora. btmultisim’ is the most data corrupters are using. It is a protocol for file transfers and possesses the strength to combat every anti-corrupt software.

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