What is the best biome in minecraft

Minecraft is arguably one of the best games ever made. Players have virtually unlimited freedom in this truly open-world experience, allowing them to go anywhere and do anything. The worlds you can explore are completely destructible and infinite* in all directions. Additionally, a vast variety of biomes can be found within these enormous worlds.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite biomes in Minecraft so that you can choose which one is best for you. But with so many different biomes to choose from to build your home in, from wet swamps to dry deserts, how do you know which one is best?

Minecraft: The Best Biomes In Survival Mode
  1. 1 Forest. The classic forest and all of its relevant variants is classic for a reason.
  2. 2 Savanna. The savanna biome is great for a number of reasons. …
  3. 3 Plains. …
  4. 4 Taiga. …
  5. 5 Mountains. …
  6. 6 Dripstone Caves. …
  7. 7 Warm Ocean. …
  8. 8 Grove. …

The Overworld

The Overworld is where the player first spawns, and most biomes have an abundance of resources like food, wood, and stone. However, some biomes have additional drawbacks that make it more difficult to survive there.

Best biomes to play

The most prevalent type of biome is the forest, which includes a number of related biomes like the taiga, dark forest, and birch forest. The forest is a very common place for the player to spawn in and is full of food and wood. In the taiga, villages also generate here. Taiga villages contain iron armor as well as food. The player’s vision is frequently obscured by dense trees, which makes it simple to get lost, and hostile mobs can spawn in dense forests, which are disadvantages of this biome.

Another common biome is the plains. The plains contains sparse trees and several flowers. generally a good area for construction due to the flat land and few trees The plains biome is frequently surrounded by a forest, and there are just enough trees for the player to easily spot one from anywhere within it. Here, the player can more easily locate cave entrances and gather resources like coal ore, iron ore, copper ore, and even rarer minerals. Here, villages and animals can also produce, providing an abundant supply of food. The hay bales that the village produces can also be quickly used to conduct trade with the villagers.

The jungle is a biome of dense forests with a lot of wood and vines. Here, jungle pyramids also grow, producing bamboo, perhaps iron ingots, and even diamonds. The jungle also contains melons, a food source. The main drawbacks include: the lack of space for buildings because the foliage prevents the construction of any substantial structures; the view is frequently obscured by the foliage, making it simple to get lost; and

Mushroom fields

The mushroom fields can be one of the best biomes to live in, despite not being great for spawning, if resources like wood can be brought there using saplings. First of all, when you place a bowl on a mooshroom, it produces an endless supply of food. This gives you mushroom stew, a reliable food source. Additionally, since hostile creatures don’t naturally spawn there, it is one of the safest biomes to inhabit. One of the rarest biomes you can find is this one as well.

Best biomes for specific resources

The badlands have an additional gold ore generation rule that makes it roughly three times more common and directly at surface level, though it is not ideal for habitation. Additionally, mineshafts are visible, making it simpler to locate them and their loot. The mineshafts contain coal, iron ingots, golden apples, and even diamonds. Gold can be used to make golden apples or traded with piglins for the majority of Nether survival items.

Swamps and Rivers

Some biomes are among the worst to play in because they lack food and animals.

Villages and desert pyramids are the only sources of food or wood in deserts. Only rabbits spawn outside of villages. Most zombies that spawn during the night are husks, which can attack you and cause the Hunger effect, making it easier for the player to lose hunger points and lose the ability to sprint if the points are too low.

Nasty slimes spawn during the night. Due to the scarcity of food and slimes that splinter in half when killed, this biome can be challenging to play in. Frogs and tropical fish only spawn in the new mangrove swamp, so this also applies to it.

Snowy plains

This biome doesn’t have a lot of trees, and again because there isn’t a lot of food, it is difficult to play in. To obtain fast rabbits or powerful polar bears that can be used as food, the player must kill them.

The Nether

The Nether is a vast storehouse of riches in the scorching depths of the underworld. You will perish in lava or be consumed by fire if you are not prepared, as there are hostile mobs and fire everywhere. If you’re looking for some Nether biomes to play in, keep reading to find out which Nether biome best suits your playstyle and the one you want to play in!

Easiest biome to play in (Nether)

Where in this dimension will there be peace when there are hostile mobs everywhere you turn, man?

You should prefer warped forest biomes because they don’t spawn any hostile enemies besides endermen. Endermen are not aggressive unless they are confronted or attacked, in which case they will be more dangerous than a withered skeleton. All of your Endermen problems will be solved if you bring a carved pumpkin and wear it (but only if you don’t attack them)!

If you visit this biome, try to find a warped fungus (find more if you like) so you can make a warped fungus on a stick (kill striders for string, and get sticks from the warped stems), and ride a strider easily over the lava seas.

Hardest/dangerous biomes to play in (Nether)

For the majority of players, the Nether is already challenging enough, but not for those who have the guts to venture there. The biomes listed below will tell you which are the toughest in the Nether, and whether or not you should attempt them.

Basalt deltas are the #1 most dangerous biome in the Nether, as magma cubes are everywhere, lava pits are under you, and there are a lot of high cliffs. It is advised to bring fire-resistance potions in case you fall into lava and get burned. Bring at least full iron armor, weapons, tools, a bow, and at least a stack of arrows if you intend to visit this location so that you can take out the magma cubes without being thrown into the lava. Cheap blocks like netherrack and cobblestone can be used for bridging around or pillaring up to help with movement.

Crimson forests are the #2 most dangerous biome in the Nether, since piglins spawn everywhere and attack you if you dont wear gold armor, and hoglins attack you on sight. The piglins and hoglins in this biome can corner you and kill you if you don’t kill them all in time because the trees are also quite dense.

Soul sand valleys are the #3 most dangerous biome, because of the soul sand everywhere can slow you down and cause the skeletons and ghasts that generate in this biome to hit you more accurately. In this biome, any fire eventually transforms into soul fire, which deals twice as much damage as regular fire. This biome can kill you fairly quickly if you don’t bring good armor. This biome also contains nether fossils, so if you find one, you can grind the bone blocks into bone meal to help your crops grow more quickly.

Nether wastes are the #4 most dangerous biome, because of the lava seas, zombified piglins, ghasts and piglins everywhere, which getting attacked can knock you into the lava seas below the mass of land. Compared to other hostile nether waste mobs, zombied piglins are neutral unless hit, so there isn’t much of a problem. If a fire from a blaze or ghast starts, it burns on the netherrack forever but does not spread because there is netherrack everywhere. Additionally, striders spawn in the lava seas, allowing you to travel there more quickly because boats burn in the lava and swimming through it while using the Fire Resistance effect is time-consuming and harmful to your armor.

The #5 most dangerous biome is the warped forest biome, but only endermen can get you if you dont watch out and stare them in the face. As you learned above, this biome is also the most tranquil one in the Nether.

Best biomes for wood (Nether)

Use Nether wood instead of Overworld wood if you’re trying to build a wooden survival house in the Nether and Overworld wood keeps setting the house on fire!

The only wood-producing biomes in the Nether are the crimson forest and the warped forest, which are created by using bone meal on a fungus that grows on the appropriate kind of nylium. Be cautious when entering the crimson forest because piglins and hoglins will attack you. The warped forest is a better option for a wood biome because it is more tranquil, but endermen are more dangerous than piglins or hoglins if you annoy them by staring at them in the face or striking them.

You can construct your home using wood from the biome that supports it, depending on the color you want it to be (crimson or teal, or both, if you have a really good building style).

Best biomes for food (Nether)

It can be annoying sneaking into a bastion remnant and robbing hoglin stable chests for porkchops while getting hit by a piglin or piglin brute that saw you opening their chests or getting bucked into the air by a hoglin that spawned there if you’re hungry and looking for food in the Nether. Don’t worry, keep reading to learn more about the foods you can find in the Nether by either killing monsters or stealing chests from artificially created structures!

Getting food from mobs

The nether wastes are your best option because it can take some time to locate a bastion relic or a defunct portal. Kill zombie piglins to obtain 0–1 rotten flesh, which you can then consume, though it may give you the Hunger effect for 30 seconds. Additionally, killing one will yield gold nuggets, and doing so will not enrage the piglins around the zombie piglin. Remember that angering one could potentially unleash a horde of hostile zombified piglins that could kill the player. Remember that hitting a zombified piglin causes other zombified piglins in that area to attack you unless you kill them all in one hit.

Hoglins spawn in crimson forests in groups of 3-4. food is now readily available in the Nether, and killing one drops 2-4 raw porkchop (if killed by fire, it drops cooked porkchop) and 0-1 leather. Killing baby hoglins for food is pointless because they only yield experience when killed.

Getting food from generated structures

You can search through chests in some Nether structures and find food there if you don’t want to kill monsters for it.

Only nether wart, which is a brewing item and cannot be consumed by the player, is available from nether fortresses. Dont bother looking in nether fortress chests for food.

Bastion remnants can provide a lot of porkchop (raw or cooked) in hoglin stable chests, but killing piglin brutes is necessary to access the chests safely with gold armor. Additionally, killing or hitting a piglin brute turns the piglins and piglin brutes nearby hostile toward the player. Attempt to use iron golems as a decoy or combat aid; using multiple iron golems is always preferable to using a single iron golem. Tamed wolves also function, but they risk perilous lava holes of 1×1 blocks, unlike iron golems. For a detailed explanation of how to eliminate a bastion remnant, go here.

Golden apples and enchanted golden apples can be found in the chests of destroyed portals, but eating one is not necessary because they are intended to be consumed during combat. Although hostile mobs can still attack the player while the player is looting the chest, they can still provide a lot of gold and ruined portals do not produce any hostile mobs nearby, making it peaceful to loot the chest.

Using the piglin hunts technique to get porkchops

Don’t worry, piglins don’t care if they’re doing your dirty work (they only care about gold), so if your weapon keeps breaking because you keep attacking hoglins for porkchops, think about this: with piglins being your enemy, and hoglins also being your enemy, why not make them fight each other?

In crimson forests, piglins and hoglins both spawn, making it a potentially hazardous location. There are two ways to provoke conflict between your adversaries.

First, calm down your piglin adversaries by donning at least one piece of gold armor, and avoid opening or shattering containers in front of them. This is method one of using a hunt. Second, go find some piglins once youre in piglin-style. The more piglins you have in your army, the better (hold a gold item to make any follow you, and get a big group of piglins by making more follow you) Next, locate some hoglins. If you want a lot of porkchop, locate more hoglins and direct them toward your piglin army. Make them pursue you through the piglins until one of the piglins in your small army begins to hunt. The hoglins will then defend themselves against an attack from every piglin in the army. Kill any hoglins to join the battle, but take care not to accidentally hit any of your piglin warriors. Then, unless you have /gamerule mobGriefing set to false, pick up the porkchop before the piglins do. Enjoy eating the porkchops with your piglin friends!.

Method 2: Start by finding some piglins, but don’t wear gold armor. Then, make them pursue you until your piglin patrol has at least one piglin with a crossbow. Next, locate some hoglins and guide them to the angry little piglin patrol. Next, move once the crossbow piglin shoots so that it hits the hoglin by standing between the two. Of course, the hoglins will fight back, and once a hoglin has damaged the sacrificing crossbow piglin, the other piglins will engage in combat. Finish off any remaining mobs from the fight with your weapons and take the porkchops.

Keep in mind that using too many piglins for the second method could result in you being accidentally killed by them. To make it work, you must leave at least one crossbow piglin while eliminating all the unnecessary piglins so that there are only a few left that can combat the hoglins.



What is the best biome to live in on Minecraft?

Best biomes to playForest. The most prevalent type of biome is the forest, which includes a number of related biomes like the taiga, dark forest, and birch forest. Plains. Another common biome is the plains. Jungle. Mushroom fields. Badlands. Deserts. Swamps. Snowy plains.

What is the Minecraft rarest biome?

The mushroom field is arguably the rarest biome in the game. You can find this remote biome on an island in the middle of nowhere. Except for mushroom cows, it doesn’t spawn any hostile, farm, or even neutral enemies. This biome is entirely covered in mycelium and mushrooms and lacks any trees or grass.

What is the 2 rarest biome in Minecraft?

The second rarest biome in Minecraft is the modified badlands plateau. Modified badland plateaus, which make up about one in five badlands biomes, are characterized by erratic terrain. In this biome, players can find dead bushes, terracotta, cactus, red sand, and mineshafts.

What is the hardest biome to survive in Minecraft?

One of the most hazardous biomes to survive in is usually swampland. In these biomes, witch huts grow, and slime spawns naturally at night.

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