What is the best thing in minecraft

While some materials and items in Minecraft are notoriously difficult to find, there are ways to acquire these uncommon items.

In Minecraft, a feature known as item rarity gives items different colors when they are in the hotbar to indicate their usefulness or strength as well as how simple it is to obtain them. Common items are white, while Uncommon ones are yellow. The most elusive Epic items are purple in color, while rare items are cyan in hue.

Keep an eye out for a few special items that will give the player insane potential or lead to a recipe that will allow them to mine every type of block and craft every item that is possible.

Updated on June 22, 2022 by Nikole Brinkman: Since its debut, Minecraft has received numerous updates that have given players access to a wealth of fresh content, enemies, quests, and biomes. The well-known survival game has undergone numerous additions, from small ones like new ore block textures to more substantial ones like the Woodland Mansion or, as of the most recent Wilds update, the Deep Dark where the Warden resides.

Items have been added to help players experience these updated areas as a result of these fantastic updates. While some can be found easily by exploring the various areas, there are some that can be more difficult to come by. Thankfully, this list will make it easier for players to locate these uncommon items and to identify which ones are the most uncommon in Minecraft.

15 Music Discs

Although they might make players sigh in frustration, music discs are actually underappreciated as collectibles. Only two discs can be found in dungeon loot, and each disc is more uncommon than the other. The remainder comes from random Creeper drops after being shot by a Skeleton.

Additionally, Pigstep, a unique music CD only available in Bastions, is guarded by Piglins and Piglin Brutes. Some CDs feature strange music, while others have really nice, uplifting tunes. Redstone wiring, which can be used to create elaborate doorbells or music players, is primarily how they are useful. Visit our detailed guide to music discs to learn more about them.

14 Banner Pattern

Banners are primarily used for decoration, but if you’re determined to make your base look even better, try to acquire some of the hipper patterns. While the majority of patterns, like the Creeper Charge, require uncommon materials, like a mob head, others can be acquired through trading with a villager or finding them in the wild.

For instance, in the Nether Bastion loot chests contain the Snout Pattern. Once they reach a certain level, cartographers will typically sell a Globe pattern for a few emeralds, so you will have to work harder to obtain some of the rarer, more distinctive patterns. On the bright side, they definitely look good.

13 Golden Apple

Compared to their Enchanted counterpart, golden apples aren’t as uncommon, but they’re still among the best foods in the game. They can significantly alter the outcome of a battle because they grant the player two extra hearts and five seconds to regenerate health. If you need one, having one could actually save your life.

Golden apples can be discovered in many different locations, such as mineshafts, Bastion ruins, desert temples, dungeons, igloos, strongholds, underwater ruins, woodland mansions, and in ruined portal chests.

12 Beacon

A significant end-game item, beacons must be made from the Nether Star, a rare item that the Wither drops after being defeated. Beacons are strong blocks that, when laid down, produce an area of effect and are surrounded by full ore blocks. They work great as additional defense in the middle of a Minecraft base.

There is a lot that goes into getting enough resources for beacons and setting them up because they are somewhat complex building blocks. Visit our full beacon guide for instructions on how to make and use one.

11 Dragon Egg

The Ender Dragon is the game’s most difficult foe. If players so desire, they can summon the dragon again and keep farming her for experience points thanks to her egg. Additionally, each time she is defeated once more, a new portal to the End Islands is created.

You must place End Crystals around the main End island fountain in order to resurrect her. When the egg appears on the fountain, right-click it once. When it appears on the ground, dig two blocks underneath it, lay down a torch, and then break the block immediately beneath the egg to cause it to land on the torch.

10 Enchanted Books

Aside from the fact that you can simply create a book and use the enchantment table to give it a random effect, you can also discover enchanted books in the wild. Mineshafts and desert temples are a couple of the best places to look for them.

However, there’s also a slim chance that you might find some while you’re fishing if you’re a little short on time and can’t leave your base’s vicinity for some reason. The more effective the enchantment on your fishing rods is (Luck of the Sea III being the best for looting), the more likely it is that you will discover some

9 Dragon’s Breath

A lot of newer players of Minecraft might not be aware of this, but if you look at your achievements, you’ll see a nice hint that this is actually a thing. Take a bottle and some of the Ender Dragon’s purple breath with you the next time you face him.

You can create lingering potions with the help of the item “Dragons Breath,” so the effects will last for a while. Make sure to try this the next time if you haven’t already, and if you do manage to catch some Dragons Breath, you’ll also receive that nice achievement at the end.

8 Bottle O’ Enchanting

A unique type of potion called The Bottle O Enchanting is not intended for consumption. Instead, you must toss this enchanted-appearing vial at your own feet in order to gather the experience points that spill out. Despite the fact that one bottle only contains about 3 to 11 points and won’t necessarily result in significant progress for you, they are a nice, useful item to have in case you come across them.

They are frequently discovered in pillager outposts and sporadically in the shipwreck treasure chests.

7 End Crystal

If you have the necessary items nearby and have already defeated the Ender Dragon, you can actually defeat him again. You can spawn the Ender Dragon again if you have four Ender Crystals and arrange them around the portal that is facing the pillar in the center of the spawning area.

These crystals must be made out of glass, an Eye of the Ender, and a Ghast Tear because they do not naturally spawn as they are. The Ender Crystal itself is a fairly uncommon item and a big advantage to have in order to respawn the dragon once more given that it requires two relatively challenging items.

6 Heart Of The Sea

You can create an underwater base if you’ve ever wanted to. However, assembling a Conduit is not the simplest process to go through. A Heart of the Sea, a blue orb that can be found in buried treasure chests fairly frequently, is the first thing you’ll need.

Once you have the heart, you must create a conduit around it by placing eight Nautilus Shells in that order. You will then require any kind of prismarine block found in ocean temples in order to power it. The Conduit is one of the best items in the game because it offers improved vision and the ability to breathe underwater in an area of effect, despite all of these items being so uncommon and difficult to find.

5 Nether Star

Some players may have constructed massive pyramids using diamond and gold blocks along with a beacon block at the top. When you are near these beacons, you receive amazing benefits, such as constant regeneration and accelerated mining.

However, you need a Nether Star, a rare item dropped by the Wither, a boss in the game, in order to construct a beacon. Even with multiple players pitted against him, he is challenging to defeat, but once you set up your beacon, the effort is completely worthwhile.

4 Elytra

For a long time, flying in Minecraft Survival seemed impossible, but now that the Elytra is in the game, it’s possible for anyone to do so. You can find the Elytra, a piece of chest armor, in End Cities that are connected to End Ships.

Once you have it, you’ll be able to fly through the air and, if you’re especially adept at movement, never again take damage. Before you can access the End islands to obtain the Elytra, you must first defeat the Ender Dragon. It might take some time before you even reach an End City there, but the journey will be worthwhile.

3 Wither Skeleton Head

Although the Wither Skeleton Head, one of the game’s rarest items, can be found on those coal-black skeletons in the Nether. You might wonder why you would ever need one, but you will need three of these if you ever want to summon the Wither and obtain a Nether Star.

When a Wither Skeleton dies, there is a very small chance that their head will fall off. However, before beginning the task, we advise equipping your best Looting III sword. If not, you might have to search the Nether for a while before you actually find a single head.

2 Enchanted Golden Apple

A nice but fairly frequent drop in dungeon chests and other places is the Golden Apple. The Enchanted Golden Apple, however, is even more potent due to its effects, which grant you 2 minutes of Absorption IV, 30 seconds of Regeneration II, 5 minutes of Fire Resistance, and 5 minutes of Resistance.

This rare treat can occasionally be discovered in mineshafts, desert temples, dungeons, and even woodland manors. Although it can spawn in a few locations, the chances of that happening are so slim that it still remains a highly sought-after item in Minecraft.

1 Totem Of Undying

The Totem of Undying, an item that if you happen to carry it with you, cancels your death, makes it possible for you to become immortal.

However, in order to obtain this totem, you’ll need to travel to your nearest woodland mansion, which is typically thousands of blocks away by current world generation rules. To find one, some players have even claimed to have traveled up to 20,000 blocks. Once there, you must defeat an Evoker, which always leaves a totem behind upon death.

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What is the most valuable item in Minecraft?

Here, we talk about 10 of the most coveted items in Minecraft that, if you managed to obtain them, would make other players envious!Nether Star Obtained by defeating a Wither. Dragon Egg. Sea Lantern. Chainmail Armour. Mob Heads. Emerald Ore. Beacon Block. Music Discs.

What is the most useful block in Minecraft?

The Most Useful Blocks in MinecraftObsidian. Obsidian blocks are much more durable than diamond and can be used to create a nether portal. Iron. It is simple to locate, simple to mine, and simple to use in construction. Wood. Diamond. Dirt. Crafting Table. Emerald. Diorite.

What is the rarest thing to make in Minecraft?

1) Dragon Egg The most uncommon item in Minecraft is the dragon egg, which only appears once in a Minecraft world. The Dragon Egg spawns on top of the exit portal after players successfully defeat the Ender dragon for the first time.

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