What is the mending enchantment in minecraft

In Minecraft 1, there are a lot of stellar enchantments to choose from. 19. With the addition of Swift Sneak, players can now move faster while crouching. It joins the long list of really helpful enchantments that are available and is helpful in the Deep Dark and the Nether.

Incredible enchantments like looting, fortune, silk touch, sharpness, multishot, blast protection, fire protection, thorns, and a lot more are available to players, but they’re all only available on a select few items.

However, a few universal enchantments, such as Mending and Unbreaking, do exist. Here’s how Mending works, which is arguably the best enchantment in the game.

Mending is one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft

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that essentially allows the players to restore the durability of certain items and make them stronger with the help of EXP (experience) orbs.

How Mending Works In Minecraft

Almost any tool or weapon in Minecraft can have the enchantment “mending” applied to it for durability. Any experience gained while mending an item will be used to repair it at a rate of 2 durability per experience point. The experience that is being used to repair an item is used up, so players of Minecraft won’t receive that experience. Only the items in a player’s hand, off-hand, or armor slots can be repaired; items in the player’s inventory cannot be repaired.

Only one of the player’s Mending-equipped items is repaired at a time; the experience is awarded to a randomly selected one of these. Although it may change in future updates of Minecraft, there isn’t currently a priority system in place for repairing items first.

How To Find Mending Enchantment Books

Players must first find a mending book in order to enchant an item with mending. While an enchanting table can be used to create the majority of Minecraft enchantments, Mending is unfortunately not one of them. This implies that players must instead purchase, discover, or loot these books.

  • Fishing: Just like in Minecraft, mending enchantment books can be caught from water sources. Fishing is one of the simplest and quickest ways to obtain mending for items, despite the fact that some people find it boring.
  • Dungeon chests, temples, end cities, and the majority of the other types of chests that can be found all over the map contain mending enchantment books. Players will probably find a Mending book or two without exerting any additional effort if they are already searching for loot in the open. End Cities have the best potential for producing large quantities of magical equipment and weapons.
  • Find a villager who is a librarian and engage in trade with them. Librarians will trade one random enchantment book for an emerald.

Making a Librarian Villager

If players cant find a librarian, they can make one. Give a lectern to a villager without a profession after first luring them away from everyone else. Once they start working, players can exchange emeralds for books.

Players can steal the lectern back, replace it, and then grant the villager the Librarian profession if the captured person lacks the Mending books trade. Players will then be able to trade with them once more and attempt to obtain a Mending book.

It is not necessary to level up a villager to unlock Mending from a higher tier trade because it can be the first trade a Librarian villager has.

Tips On Fishing For Mending

Ever since fishing was changed in Minecrafts 1. The mechanics have been changed in the version 16. update to balance AFK fish farms. Fishing for treasure in a single water block in AFK fish farms is no longer possible. As treasures, Mending enchantment books have a significant impact on how frequently players can expect to fish for one.

The new requirements according to Minecraft Wiki are as follow: the bobber now needs to be in an open water area, which is at least a 5 by 4 by 5 area. Every block in this area must consist of either air, water, or waterlogged blocks.

How To Use An Enchanted Mending Book

Players of the Minecraft game must assemble an anvil in order to use the enchantment nook. Affix the Mending Book to the second slot of the anvil after placing the item to be enchanted in the first. If it fails, players might not have sufficient experience to enchant the object they have selected.

Additionally, mending conflicts with some bows’ Infinity enchantment. However, it can be combined with Unbreaking to create items that are essentially indestructible.

What Items Should Players Use Mending For?

Mending is a very powerful and expensive enchantment. Because of this, the choice of gear is very important. In general, if a player wants to preserve an enchanted item of clothing or weapon, they should apply Mending to it. Nothing below diamond-tier, however, should ever be enchanted with Mending. Examples of good choices for Mending include:

  • Pickaxes made of diamonds with Efficiency IV, Fortune III, or Silk Touch
  • Diamond swords with Looting III and/or Sharpness IV
  • Diamond armor with Protection IV and/or Feather Falling IV
  • Fishing rods with Luck of the Sea III
  • Bows with Power IV

Finally, elytras are unquestionably the item for which players should save a Mending book. In fact, the player should save the first Mending book they find solely for the elytra. Otherwise, repairing it will become tedious and difficult very quickly.

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What Does Mending Do In Minecraft?


Is mending better than Unbreaking?

Mending is preferable to unbreaking for all tools, armor, and weapons with the exception of bows. Bows will want infinity and mending conflicts with infinity. Although unbreaking may double, triple, or even quadruple the durability, it does not really compare with indefinite

Does mending repair all items?

Mending does not select items that are already fully repaired. For instance, only the damaged leggings, boots, and chest plate are taken into account in the random chance to be repaired if the player has a fully repaired helmet. Durability doesn’t affect which item is chosen at random.

How rare is the mending enchantment?

According to tests conducted by players of the game, the likelihood of finding an enchanted book with a mending enchantment is exactly zero. 8%.

What is mending enchantment use for?

The Mending enchantment essentially makes any item invincible. With this, it’s nearly impossible for an item to break. Mending can restore even a fishing rod with low durability that has been pulled out of the water to full health. It utilizes XP to repair items, which is how it operates.

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