What level do you get prime in csgo

Prime is a status designed to enable gamers to play rating matches with those who already possess the status.

The Prime Status is a restrictive measure incorporated by Valve and aimed to provide comfort of the game avoiding gamers that make a game unpleasant and dishonest as there are no cheats, smurfs and ruiners. However, owners of the Prime Status may face these problems: one can only imagine what could happen if Valve did not accept the measure.

level 21 or above


Is Counter-Strike Global Offensive Prime Worth It?

It is worth it if you want to play competitive matchmaking and take it seriously. Prime status keeps cheaters and people who do not take the game seriously at bay, helping to raise the standard of the game that you are playing.

If you are an old player or somebody new to the game, Prime account status makes your life that much easier. If you are a person who plays Counter-Strike Global Offensive casually, then you do not need to get Prime now. You are eventually going to earn the status once you have put in the hours.

What Are the Benefits of CSGO Prime?

As we mentioned, all players who have CSGO Prime will get a significantly better matchmaking experience. But why is this and how? This is because CSGO players who have Prime are rarely noobs or toxic players who simply want to ruin your experience. No one will simply pay just to do this since they can do it for free in the normal CSGO matchmaking.

CSGO Prime can be seen as a place where cheaters and toxic players aren’t allowed and rarely exist. This is why playing with a Prime account will improve your experience with the game a lot. But, on top of that, CSGO Prime offers so much more. You will often receive valuable rewards from special Prime weekly drops such as souvenir items, special weapon cases, and more.

Having a CSGO Prime account will definitely improve how you play and enjoy the game. It may not avoid toxic players and cheaters totally, but you will surely see the difference.

What is a Prime Account?

Prime accounts were introduced by Valve all the way back in April 2016 as a way of improving the matchmaking system.

Once players sign up for a Prime account, they’ll be able to join a queue that’s only made up of Prime users. In theory, this rids matchmaking of bots, cheaters and the like. However, this isn’t always the case, so dont expect a flawless experience!

Prime Accounts are free to obtain and don’t cost anything to acquire other than game time. We’ll explain how this works in the next section.


How do you get prime in CS:GO?

This included removing the free Prime clause, which would allow players to unlock the status by hitting level 21 in the game. This is no longer available and now the only way to unlock CS:GO Prime is to buy it through the Steam store.

Do you need to buy prime to level up CS:GO?

No. In order to receive XP and earn a Service Medal you must have Prime Status. Without Prime Status you will not receive XP from any game mode on any server. Will I receive a Competitive Skill Group if I do not have Prime Status?

How do I know if my CS:GO is prime?

The CS:GO Prime Status upgrade is available for purchase through Steam for $14.99. This is a stark departure from the previous method of unlocking Prime. Before the June 2021 update, players could easily earn Prime for free. All they had to do was verify their phone number, then level up to at least Rank 21.

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