What level is netherite at in minecraft

Minecraft’s worlds are dangerous. Everywhere you turn, there are hostile hordes of people, minor bosses like the Warden, and high cliffs. As a result, you must take all necessary precautions to keep yourself safe from the game’s various threats. Fortunately, Netherite, a feature of the world of Minecraft, contains the answer. One of the rarest and toughest minerals in Minecraft that you can use to create the most potent weapons and armor in the game is called netherite. But only if you know where to look in Minecraft for netherite. And that’s exactly what we are covering in detail. In our quest to find netherite in Minecraft, we won’t skimp on anything, from the game’s biomes to its spawn rate. So, get your pickaxe ready, and let’s get started!.

We are going over some crucial setup steps in order to obtain netherite in Minecraft first. However, you can skip directly to the search process by using the table below.

The best Y level for finding Netherite in Minecraft

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is 15. You can expand the area from level 7 up to 21 because they can also spawn here. But it’s recommended to mine between the Y level of 13 to 17 for the best chance!

What Is Netherite and What Does It Do in Minecraft

Netherite is one of the rarest materials in-game. Given that they are intended to upgrade all diamond-based tools, weapons, and armor, they are very beneficial to have. Any of them will have significantly better stats when Netherite is attached. When preparing to fight a boss mob or in PvP situations, netherite is extremely helpful.

How to Obtain Netherite

It takes some effort to get Netheretie, but it’s worth it. You must first mine Ancient Debris, which is only found in the Nether, in order to obtain Netherite.

You must mine until you are Y level 8–15 before entering the Nether. Most Ancient Debris will spawn at Y level 15.

As soon as you reach the Y level, start mining normally.

Use a bed as a tool to expedite the process. However, take care because when used in the Nether, beds will instantly blow up. Therefore, before sleeping in the bed, you should move as far away from it as you can and create a makeshift base around you. In doing so, you attempt to minimize the harm.

But if you don’t want to take a chance on dying, mine with a pickaxe. When you come across Ancient Debris, a Diamond Pickaxe is required to mine it. Any other pickaxe will cause the block to be destroyed.

You must melt the ancient debris in a furnace or blast furnace to create netherite scraps after you have it.

You must take your Netherite Scraps to a crafting station now in order to turn them into Netherite Ingots. A recipe for Netherite Ingot is provided below, along with a picture showing where it should be placed.

  • Netherite Scraps: 4
  • Gold Ingot: 4

After youve done that, youve successfully made Netherite Ingot. advertisement

Where to Find Ancient Debris

Additionally, the Nether has a specific location where you can find ancient debris. For Java and Bedrock, you can find a chart below that shows where Ancient Debris is known to spawn, where it is located, how many you’ll find, and the likelihood of finding it. Bedrock.

Bastion Remnant Chest 1 13.5%
Bastion Remnant Treasure Chest 2 12.7%
Bastion Remnant Hoglin Stable Chest 1 5.7%


Bastion Remnant Chest 1 13.5%
Bastion Remnant Treasure Chest 2 12.7%
Bastion Remnant Hoglin Stable Chest 2 5.7%

Where to Find Netherite Scrap

Additionally, the Nether has a specific location where you can find netherite scrap. The chart below shows the locations where Netherite Scrap is known to spawn, how many you’ll find there, and your chances of finding it in Java and Bedrock.

Bastion Remnant Chest 1 5.5%
Bastion Remnant Treasure Chest 1 24.4%
Bastion Remnant Hoglin Stable Chest 9.1%

Where to Find Netherite Ingot

Players can have a 42. 1% chance of finding one Netherite Ingot inside a treasure chest at the Bastion Remnant on Java and Bedrock

How to Use Netherite

Once you have Netherite Ingot, youre ready to use it. Bring it to a smithing table, and insert the Netherite Ingot into the center slot.

The items you can use Netherite Ingot on are listed below. advertisement.

  • Diamond Helmet
  • Diamond Chestplate
  • Diamond Leggings
  • Diamond Boots
  • Diamond Sword
  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Diamond Axe
  • Diamond Shovel
  • Diamond Hoe

Any of these items will transform into a Netherite version of the Smithing Table when placed in the slot on the left side of the device. This is the only way to obtain Netherite gear in-game. Its a process, but its worth it.

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