What pets can you have in minecraft

The ability to domesticate animals is one of Minecraft’s best features, and this guide will show you how to do it for a variety of different creatures.

Imagine that you have spent three hours exploring an underground mineshaft in search of diamonds. And upon entering your humble abode, it starts to rain. You’re feeling lonely as you sit by the warm fire of your furnace listening to the twinkling piano background music from the game Minecraft.

You decide to make a friend because you can’t stand being alone. An eager friend to welcome you each time you enter your front door This guide will assist you in taming the wild animals in Minecraft so you can bring them into your family, whether it’s a cat, dog, or even a skeleton horse.

Here are the ways you can tame these animals and how they interact after being tamed:
  • Wolves. Can be tamed by giving them bones. …
  • Cats. Can be tamed by giving them raw cod or raw salmon. …
  • Horses, donkeys, and mules. …
  • Llamas. …
  • Parrots.

12 Allays

  • Biome: Various—the Allay spawn within Woodland Mansions and Pillager Outposts
  • Food: None

Allays are exceptional and unique creatures in Minecraft. Instead of specific biomes, these blue, fairy-like creatures can be found in two distinct structures. In addition to Woodland Mansions, players should seek out Pillager Outposts, with the former being much simpler and more common to locate. Allays can frequently be found in wooden cages outside the main tower of Outposts; however, in Woodland Mansions, they can be found in a room with cobblestone cells.

Allays dont require food. However, you need to give them something in order to get them to follow the player. Give an Allay an item by right-clicking on it while it is in your possession. The Allay will then be tied to you and will look around the area for the same item to bring it back to you. Allays are especially helpful for any type of farming thanks to this process because they will automatically pick up objects on the ground for the player. The item is no longer attached to the player if it is taken out of the Allay.

11 Axolotls

  • Biome: Any dark ocean or body of water
  • Food: Bucket of Tropical Fish

Axolotls were incorporated into the game to raise awareness of this species of water-loving lizards, which is on the verge of extinction. Although they can spend some time on land, axelotls spawn in deep waters and prefer the depths of the oceans and other large bodies of water.

Axolotls are predators. Theyll attack any other ocean-dwelling mob except for dolphins. They can be led using a lead made of string and slime balls, and they make excellent allies against Guardians and Elder Guardians inside ocean monuments. A bucket of tropical fish can also be used to breed them, but in Minecraft axolotls cannot be fully tamed. Just remember that pufferfish can kill axolotls, so keep them in a separate tank or enclosed in buckets to keep them safe.

10 Horses

  • Biome: Plains
  • Food: Golden Carrots, Golden Apples, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale

The horse is unquestionably the mainstay of domesticated animals. If the player chooses the horse with the fastest time among the group, this one stands out from the rest because of the incredible travel time it offers. Before selecting one, it is best to try and tame a few different horses because each one has special hidden stats. The best places to find horses in Minecraft are typically in the plains biome, so head there.

In contrast to donkeys and mules, horses cannot actually carry objects. They are only used for transportation, and covering great distances while playing is essential. In order to mount an untamed horse in Minecraft, right-click on it until hearts appear above its head. Do this until the horse stops kicking. Horse armor is another option for horses, and it’s useful for long journeys or in case the horse sustains damage. Keep a lead close by, though, as even tamed horses in the game have a penchant for wandering off when the player isn’t riding them.

9 Ocelot

  • Biome: Jungle
  • Food: Raw Salmon, Raw Cod

Because they are so hard to come by in the wild, ocelots are among the most difficult animals in the game to tame. Ocelots are actually not necessarily tameable now that there are actual cats in the game; instead, they must “gain trust,” like foxes and allays do. The ideal spawn location for these elusive feline friends is a jungle biome, so the player must first find one there.

Get some raw salmon or raw cod in order to tame an ocelot in Minecraft. Slowly approach the animal while holding the fish in your hand. Feed the ocelot as much fish as necessary until tiny hearts start to appear above its head. After that, the ocelot won’t be afraid of the player. Players can only breed trusting ocelots to produce baby ocelots, a more diminutive form of the mob.

8 Wolf

  • Biome: Forest (all variants)
  • Food: Bone, Meats (all variants)

Wolves are probably the most prevalent mob, making them simple for players to tame. Any forest will typically have a pack of them wandering around, though wolves spawn more frequently overall in colder forest biomes.

Wolves can be tamed using a bone. Even though wolves can be fed meat while they are still wild, this won’t actually work to tame them. In Minecraft, feeding a wolf bones will cause its face to change and tiny hearts to appear above its head, which will enable you to tame the animal. Additionally, a collar will show up, which can be customized with any of the game’s colors. When tamed into their dog forms, wolves are incredibly helpful because they will attack dangerous enemies that harm the player, so long as they are not made to sit still.

7 Skeleton Horse

  • Biome: Any
  • Food: Cannot be bred or fed

Possessing a Skeleton Horse is the best way to become the talk of the server and the envy of all other Minecraft players. Due to its bare, bony appearance, this mount is without a doubt the coolest-looking one in the game.

Only during thunderstorms do these creatures appear, and they are frequently accompanied by skeletons that must be killed before the horse can be trained. After dealing with their former owners, right-click on the skeleton horse with an empty hand, then repeatedly hop on its back until little hearts start to appear above its head. With the exception of its unusual appearance, the skeleton horse is just like a regular horse and can be ridden quickly to get around.

6 Parrot

  • Biome: Jungle
  • Food: Wheat Seeds

In addition to ocelots and parrots, players who find a jungle biome in their world are particularly fortunate. These tiny birds can imitate other flocks, which is both incredibly cool and potentially terrifying.

Parrots can be trained using common seeds and come in a variety of colors. Hold a seed in your right hand and right-click on a parrot until little hearts appear over its head to tame it in Minecraft. When tamed, the parrot will probably land on the player’s shoulder as well, creating a cool effect.

5 Fox

  • Biome: Taiga and its variants
  • Food: Sweet Berries, Glow Berries

Due to their capacity to carry objects in their mouths, foxes are a very distinctive species. They can also move swiftly through sweet berry bushes and curl up to sleep. They are a challenging mob to capture and tame because they sprint quite quickly and are only found in cold forest biomes like taigas.

In Minecraft, adult foxes cannot be tamed, but they can be bred with sweet berries. A lead should be used to yank the baby fox away from its parents and prevent it from following them instead of the player themselves because the baby fox will then trust the player. The challenge here is actually catching two adult foxes.

4 Mule

  • Biome: Plains
  • Food: Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale

For those who are unsure of the distinction between a mule and a donkey, this herd is essentially the offspring of a donkey and a horse. Due to their inability to breed with other mules, they are a challenging mob to have, but they still make excellent carriers and respectable mounts.

Mules can be distinguished from donkeys by their typically brown coloration in the wild. Right-click the mule to mount it and tame it with an empty hand. At first, it will repeatedly kick the player off, but if you keep doing this, eventually it should have a small heart icon above its head to indicate that it has been tamed.

3 Donkey

  • Biome: Plains
  • Food: Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Hay Bale

Donkeys make excellent storage animals and can be pulled by a lead, but they are not great mounts because they all move at the same speed when being ridden. Donkeys don’t require the player to have a saddle nearby because of this. They are also easily identified in the wild and, like mules and horses, tend to spawn in plains biomes.

Right-click a donkey in Minecraft with an empty hand to mount it and train it. Continue doing this until it stops kicking and little hearts start to appear above its head.

2 Llama

  • Biome: Savanna, Mountains
  • Food: Wheat, Hay Bale

Llamas are arguably the worst mount in the game, but storage is where they really shine. In addition, many players prefer to cover their llamas in various colored carpets to easily color-code their storage. Go to a savanna or mountain biome to locate them.

Llamas can attack the player by spitting on them, so they should be handled carefully. Right-click a llama with an empty hand, mount them, and wait until they stop kicking and small heart icons appear to tame them. Remember that llamas cannot be ridden; they can only be led and used for storage.

Additionally, it is possible to “steal” the llamas that the Wandering Trader owns by taming them. Llamas spit on attacking entities, so players should take care when handling them. Sadly, they wont use this ability to protect the player.

1 Cat (Village Stray Variant)

  • Biome: Any biome where a village can spawn
  • Food: Raw Cod, Raw Salmon

Although ocelots are the game’s original method of obtaining a cat, stray cats are a quicker and more interesting way to acquire a wide range of different cats. For players who are cat enthusiasts and are completionists, there is even a special achievement for taming every type of cat in the game. Visit any nearby village as these are known to be areas where stray cats congregate.

Invariably, stray cats will flee from players out of fear. However, they will approach the player more slowly if they have raw cod or salmon in hand. Feed the cat enough times with raw cod or salmon to tame it until hearts start to appear above its head.

There are numerous platforms other than PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS where you can play Minecraft.

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Can you make a pet in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, wolves are found in the wild. They can be domesticated and made into obedient pet dogs. They not only accompany you but also defend you by taking out hostile mobs. To increase the number of sociable dogs, you can breed trained dogs.

Can you tame any animal in Minecraft?

In spite of the fact that not every mob in the game can be tamed, there are eight that can be domesticated to become your friends. Wild animals are everywhere in Minecraft.

What is the coolest pet in Minecraft?

Ocelots. One of the best animals in Minecraft for domestication is the ocelot. When ocelots are tamed, they will defend any nearby chickens from hostile mobs and will also alert players to danger. The jungle biome is home to ocelots, which can be domesticated using raw fish.

How to tame a lion in Minecraft?

Lions have 15 hearts and are untamable save for the cubs which have a 25% chance to spawn Like all other big cats, cubs can be trained by feeding them 5-10 bones or 2-4 pieces of raw pork, chicken, or beef. The cub must then wear a cat collar and be given a name.

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