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It can be difficult to decide what to do next in Minecraft’s survival mode. In contrast to many games, when you create your own world in Minecraft, there are no objectives presented to you. Once you’ve moved past the obvious tasks like building a shelter and crafting equipment, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.

Once your first base is established in Minecraft’s survival mode, you can do the things on the list below. The list presupposes that you’ve already completed the fundamentals and created your first diamond tools because those are the most obvious starting goals for anyone. When attempting to figure out what to do next in Minecraft survival mode, there are a ton of things that you’ve probably overlooked because the game doesn’t explicitly explain how all the components work.

Survival Guide: Things to Do First in Minecraft
  • Step One: Build a Crafting Table.
  • Step Two: Build Tools.
  • Step Three: Build a Shelter to Survive the Night.
  • Step Four: Understanding the Hunger Meter and Gathering Food.
  • Survived Your First Night? Here’s What to Do Next.
  • 11 Essential Tips and Tricks for Surviving in Minecraft.

25 Find Ancient Debris And Make Netherite Gear

The quest for high-quality gear is one of Minecraft’s longest grinds, but it is also one of its most rewarding. It’s the ideal time to head to the Nether and begin looking for Ancient Debris if players are starting to get bored and haven’t yet obtained a full set of Netherite gear.

Keep in mind that players must first acquire diamond gear before upgrading to a Netherite set. Players should keep an eye out for any gold ingots while in the Nether because Netherite ingots need them as well.

24 Build A Home In A Different Dimension

Speaking of the Nether, why not make it a challenge for players to live in a different dimension? They can choose to either set up a house there or even travel to the End dimension if they are sick of being in the same place and want an excuse to build something new.

Building in these dimensions, as well as surviving and thriving there, won’t be a problem, but avoid sleeping in a bed in the End or the Nether because doing so will cause a violent explosion that could destroy everything nearby.

23 Play On Mini-Game Servers

There’s no need to play Minecraft alone because of its sizable and vibrant community. There are always other players to play with, and joining a massively multiplayer server like Hypixel is the best way to do so.

Hypixel serves as a central location for a number of popular Minecraft minigames and larger game modes, such as bed wars. Players can connect to the server and explore the hub until they discover something they like.

22 Search For Ancient Cities And The Warden

The 1. The Warden was finally made available to the large Minecraft audiences in the 19 update, and dealing with this potent mob presents its own challenges. If players have defeated every other boss mob in the game, they will once again face a serious threat because he is even more resilient than the Wither.

In addition, the latest update included the addition of historic cities and dim biomes. It can be a lot of fun and a cool challenge to hunt down these structures, but players should be ready with their best equipment and a ton of wool to stay covert.

21 Challenge Friends To Minecraft PVP

The PVP side of Minecraft is one feature that is underappreciated. Dedicated servers are typically where players will engage in PVP with its own rules and sometimes a special meta Anarchy servers are particularly famous for this.

However, when first starting out, players don’t need to engage in intense PVP. They can simply challenge their friends to a duel or two, subject to restrictions on the weapons, enchantments, and consumables that each party may employ.

20 Find Axolotls

Axolotls were added into Minecraft first in the 1. where they could spawn pretty much anywhere in deep waters as of update 17 However, thanks to the 1. Axolotls now only spawn in water and lush cave biomes as of the version 18. They can aid players in combating Guardians and Elder Guardians, have a few different color variations, and consume tropical fish.

Players will require a bucket of tropical fish in order to breed axolotls. Players will need to embark on a significant amount of exploration before discovering a lush cave and getting lucky enough to find an axolotl inside because lush caves are a relatively uncommon cave biome to find.

19 Hunt For Rare Items

Minecraft is so much more enjoyable and simple to play thanks to its powerful and rare items. However, obtaining these items is by no means simple. One of them, the Elytra, demands that the player slay the Ender Dragon and use a ship to scour the End Islands in search of an End City. Elytras let players fly with the help of fireworks.

The Totem of Undying, another uncommon item, can be taken from Evokers. A raid on a village or entry into a woodland mansion, the latter of which is more difficult to locate but offers a greater challenge and adventure, are the two ways to defeat them. When held by a player, totems will prevent them from dying a certain death and will be consumed at every possible death.

18 Build Underwater, In A Cave, Or Mountain

The majority of players will prefer to construct their Minecraft homes in accessible lush biomes with plenty of resources. But if that seems too simple or monotonous, players should construct a home in a cave, under water, or even on one of the new mountain biomes found in the 1 18 update.

Building underwater in particular can be very difficult because it requires a conduit or water-breathing potions. However, the results are well worth the sacrifice. When properly lit by the player, lush caves and dripstone caves can also make for very cool Minecraft homes.

17 Try A Challenge

Players of Minecraft have created a ton of fantastic challenge ideas over the years to make the game more interesting. The most notable is Skyblock, where players begin on a small area of land suspended in the air next to a chest containing some essentials. They are on their own to survive and prosper after that.

The One-Chunk Survival Challenge has also gained popularity more recently. Players must finish as much of the game as they can in this challenge without leaving their spawn chunk. Finally, players ought to think about trying to speedrun Minecraft because the game has a sizable speedrunning community with a ton of different speedrunning strategies.

16 Complete Achievements

In the game of Minecraft, players can reach some of the biggest milestones during their journey by making advancements. There are a number of insane achievements that players can try to complete, ranging from getting the full set of Netherite armor that was previously mentioned to finally using up a diamond hoe until the end.

It will take a lot of time in a single-player survival world to complete all of these advancements because there are a lot of them. That means plenty of activities for players to do.

15 Venture Out And Go Exploring

While many players of Minecraft enjoy the building and mining features, the game frequently excels when played more like a perilous survival adventure. To find dungeons, caves, mineshafts, desert and jungle temples, and more, make it a point to prepare with some reliable equipment and survival supplies.

It can be thrilling to just go on a long hike for exploration or bad guys to kill, especially in the more hostile conditions of the night. It’s a good way to increase the level of excitement and try one’s willpower. Additionally, in this perpetually expanding world, a ton of amazing new landmasses can be found. If you want to avoid getting lost, bring a compass or erect a towering beacon.

14 Build A Highway

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Even though some people might find it tedious, building a long highway can be a fun activity that also promotes exploration. Choose to use cobblestone as the foundation since there is no shortage of it in Minecraft and begin construction. For a while, this can serve as a focal point and useful navigational aid. Railroads can be built on the surface for faster navigation.

A tall enough highway can also serve as a barrier to keep undesirable enemies out of a town or other secure area.

13 Make A Farm

An unnoticed feature of this sandbox is the ability to plant seeds within its sands and dirt, even though this aspect of the game isn’t quite as detailed as games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. With only a few easy steps, one can establish a farm and reap a bounty of crops.

Make a fence around an area of 20–40 blocks, then dig a few rows that will serve as water canals. Use a hoe to till the ground once these are filled with water, then right-click on the tilled area while holding seeds. Bone meal can speed up this action. By left-clicking and using the hoe to harvest the crops, you can reap the rewards. You can grow crops like wheat, melons, pumpkins, and even carrots.

12 Build A Cobblestone Generator

Though cobblestone is fairly easy to come by when mining and exploring the vast Minecraft caverns, sometimes its nice to have a ready supply at ones immediate disposal. With just a few easy steps involving a small pit, a bucket of lava, and a bucket of water, a cobblestone generator can be constructed. The water makes constant contact with the flowing lava, creating an instant block of cobblestone. This principle can be applied on a more advanced level to generate obsidian as well.

This helpful manual goes into greater detail about the procedures required to construct this straightforward cobblestone device.

11 Try New Features

The new 1. With all of the new world generation changes in the 18 update, the game may feel entirely different. Additionally, gamers who haven’t gotten a chance to play the new features that came with the 1 17 update should look for amethyst geodes and try to make a spyglass.

Players can also create candles that can be used to adorn a home and illuminate caves. For those who don’t mind a few bugs, playing on the most recent snapshot will always give them access to the most recent features.

10 Slay The Ender Dragon

When players reach The End, they come face to face with Minecraft’s most formidable adversary. The mythical creature known as The Ender Dragon is regarded as Minecraft’s ultimate foe. The Ender Dragon flies quickly through the area while spitting fireballs. Even in Peaceful mode, the Ender Dragon can cause damage.

It’s difficult to approach this boss because players need to do more than just construct a Nether Portal. Since there is no cycle of day and night in The End, it is comparable to the Nether world. But before facing the Ender Dragon, it is advised to have diamond armor, a diamond sword, a ton of potions, and golden apples.

9 Build A Roller Coaster

Minecrafts titular feature of mining extends to mine carts. Despite it being a fundamental game requirement, players frequently ignore it. Minecarts and rails can be converted into a roller coaster fun ride by using a little imagination.

Imagine it as a monorail, only with Redstone tracks and incredibly fast ups and downs. In order to create an exhilarating experience unlike any other, roller coasters in Minecraft can have their own custom themes and colors.

8 Mine For Diamonds

Although it is possible to find diamonds below level 16, they are most frequently discovered in layers 5–12. The hardest substance for a piece of armor or a sword, as well as the best for pickaxe mining, is diamond.

Diamond gear is essential, especially if players intend to go mob hunting in the Nether world. Finding a diamond gives players the same rush as reeling in a fish in a sparse lake. Players will only burn if they swim in a lava lake.

7 Try Out The Latest Mods

There are many options for expanding one’s horizons if players get tired of playing Minecraft. Numerous mods have been created by the modding community to improve the Minecraft experience.

The days of seeing chicken and squid everywhere are over thanks to LOTSOMOBS. With the addition of 25 mobs, the game’s biomes become more realistic. Minecraft feels brand-new thanks to at least fifteen mods.

6 Play With Friends

If players are feeling bored, it is highly advised that they build in Minecraft with their friends. Playing with friends enables individuals to collaborate to create the most complex designs. Especially in Survival mode, having a helpful friend is essential.

Finding a villager with a vivid imagination can help you take the same house designs you’ve been making in Minecraft to the next level.

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