Version History for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

Updates for Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) keep coming out, adding new blocks, items, and enemies to the game. Learn about the latest updates for Minecraft on iPad, iPhone, and Android. Be aware that Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which includes Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Xbox One Edition, PS4 Edition, and Nintendo Switch Edition, has merged with Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Bedrock Edition

Differences between Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition

What version of minecraft is pocket edition

The programming languages used to create Minecraft Java and Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) are entirely different. Java, a sophisticated, class-based, object-oriented programming language, is used to create Minecraft Java Edition.

C, a general-purpose programming language, was used to create Minecraft Bedrock Edition in order for it to run on platforms that do not support Java.

#4 – Price Difference

What version of minecraft is pocket edition

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Minecraft Java Edition currently costs $26. 95, and the cost of Minecraft Bedrock Edition varies by console. Bedrock Edition for Windows 10 is $29. 99, for mobile it is $6. 99, for Xbox it is $19. 99, and so forth, usually averaging about $19. 99 across most of the Bedrock platforms.

Players should be aware that Minecraft Bedrock is no longer available for purchase on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

#3 – Lack of spectator mode

What version of minecraft is pocket edition

Switching to spectator mode ( via TheGamer)

The only version of Minecraft with spectator mode is the Java Edition. In contrast to the Java Edition, where using spectator mode does not require modding, this feature can only be accessed through add-ons in the Pocket Edition.

PE players will encounter bugs while in spectator mode even with external mods.

#2 – Redstone works differently

When it comes to redstone engineering, the Minecraft Java Edition might be superior to the Pocket Edition. Players will notice significant differences in the operation of redstone devices when switching from Java Edition to Pocket Edition or vice versa. Redstone circuits, farms, and block behavior in the Pocket Edition of Minecraft do not function the same way as they do in the Java Edition.

For instance, players in the Pocket Edition can use pistons to push chests, whereas this is not possible in the Java Edition.

What version of minecraft is pocket edition

Users who have the Java Edition of Minecraft are only permitted to play with Java Edition users. Players using Windows, MacOS, and Linux can access the Java Edition.

Players can play with others using Bedrock Edition of Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock) on consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers. In a way, the Minecraft Bedrock edition is best for players who prefer to play with friends on a variety of consoles as opposed to just PCs.

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What version of minecraft is pocket edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Review


Is Minecraft: Pocket Edition Java or Bedrock?

An older mobile version of Minecraft called Bedrock Edition is present in Minecraft Pocket Edition. After a few updates, it will no longer be called Pocket Edition but Bedrock Edition instead. Which Bedrock Edition will be as Mobile version. While Java Edition is the desktop version.

Is Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.19 out?

0 (Android, iOS, iPadOS, Fire, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation) or 1. 19. The Wild Update, which debuted with the June 7, 2022 release of The Wild Update No. 1 (Nintendo Switch), is a significant update to Bedrock Edition. During Minecraft Live 2021 on October 16, 2021, the update was initially announced.

When did Minecraft 0.6 1 come out?

6. In order to address some of the bugs and crashes in version 0, Minecraft: Pocket Edition received a minor update on January 31, 2013, for Android and Fire devices, and on February 2, 2013, for iOS devices.

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