whats the best card in clash royale 2

Players are invited to create thrilling battle decks and defeat their opponents in exhilarating real-time battles in Clash Royale Season 35. The game has up to 100 cards and four champions for using them to add more spice to this mechanism.

If you’re interested in playing more mobile games, here is an updated Apex Legends Mobile tier list and Dislyte 3 Stars tier list for that. If you can’t get your hands on this action-packed strategy video game, here is an ultimate Clash Royale tier list.

Knowing the best cards in Clash Royale will give you an advantage over the competition at any time during the game.

We have divided our Clash Royale tier list into various categories because a wide variety of cards are intricately divided into decks. The best cards in Clash Royale compete for first place as shown below:

Best Clash Royale decks from the Tier List
  • Va-Ho-Witch: Fireball, Furnace, Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Inferno Dragon, Valkyrie, Witch, and Zap.
  • Go-Bandit-Night Witch rush: Archers, Baby Dragon, Bandit, Golem, Lightning, The Log, Night Witch, and Bats.

This is the Best Card from each Clash Royale Arena (Part 2)

6 Hog Cycle

Given that it contains all the best cards for offensive play, the deck will favor extremely aggressive playstyles. All the eight cards within the 2. The six hog cycle decks are simple to use and level up.

Additionally, the deck is generally quite elixir-efficient, so you can be sure you are getting the best for comparatively little money. You must utilize them in the best way possible in order to quickly rank in the top portals.

Cards: Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Cannon, Musketeer, Hog Rider, Zap, Fireball

Best Clash Royale Lava Hound Deck

Lava Hound can be played in many different ways. Lava Hound bait, LavaLoon, and LavaClone are some of the best Clash Royale decks available. They concentrate on either using the Lava Pups to their advantage or making the best air pushes for Clash Royale. Many decks include swarm cards like guards, barbarians, or goblin gang.

Each Clash Royale deck has a different gameplay style, but they are all built around your best defense. Utilize your best abilities and the few available defensive strategies to defend. Then capitalizing the win with the best Lava Hound push.

These Clash Royale decks are dependent on the meta and have some poor matchups, but they can really shine in some metas.

Lava Hound is obviously required, but Nightwitch from Clash Royale and Inferno Dragon aren’t constants. Lava Hound Bait is your best budget option.

whats the best card in clash royale 2

Tier-B Clash Royale Cards

Although players are most likely to overlook B-tier cards, they still have some respectable abilities that can help you navigate challenging situations. However, they might only fit a specific deck and not all.

Clone3Epic is a very useful card in Clash Royale because it duplicates all ally troops that are hiding in the target area for a low elixir cost. Skeletons1CommonThough fragile ones, you get three super speedy melee attackers. Barbarians5CommonA horde of ferocious melee attackers! Royal Hogs5RareThey nibble off buildings in seconds! Slightly fragile towards incoming attacks. Rocket6RareInflicts massive damage within a small radius, though. Goblin Cage4RareRenders decent long reach attacks on enemies’ stances. The cage will sustain damage until it bursts open to release a Goblin Brawler that deals respectable damage. Fisherman3Legendary Skeleton Barrel3CommonSkeletons that use balloons to fly through the air Once the balloons pop, they descend to deal good damage to adversaries. Bomb Tower4Rare A bomb-carrying defensive structure that will severely damage anything in its vicinity Goblins2CommonYou receive three diminutive green enemies that, despite being unarmed, move quickly and deal melee damage. A structure called Tombstone3Rare that dispatches skeleton groups to battle adversaries periodically Flying Machine4Rare is an entertaining and nimble flying troop that can deal some damage but is vulnerable to incoming attacks. Two Barbarians carried the Battle Ram4Rare A long with the intention of causing damage to structures. Though Fire Spirits’ high damage stat, which rises to a maximum of 534 for only a few elixirs, may seem absurd, the card is actually not that strong. The kamikaze attack of Fire Spirits is frequently unpredictable at high levels.

Archer Queen 5 Champion Upon reaching King Level 14 in Clash Royale, you will unlock the Archer Queen card. She is a troop-type card that inflicts damage on a single target and can attack both Ground and Air Units. Her special ability makes her invisible, and her attack speed increases as well.
Skeleton King 4 Champion The card can be unlocked by reaching King Level 14 in Clash Royale. Skeleton King is a melee troop with high AoE and high hit points. He deals moderate damage, and any troops that die will return to him as souls that will be spawned as skeletons around him.
Mighty Miner 4 Champion The card was released in a recent patch update of Clash Royale. He can be unlocked by reaching level 14. He is a melee troop that deals damage on a single target. His hit points are quite high, and his damage increases over time.

These cards have fewer utilities than generalists and are more specialized for a small number of Clash Royale decks. Some also require too much elixir during battles. However, you can’t just avoid them wholly.

The Three Musketeers card in the most recent Clash Royale meta features a trio of independent, tough markswomen fighting for justice and honor. Clash Royale CardElixir Cost Rarity Quick SummaryThree Musketeers9Rare Barbarian Hut7RareThis Clash Royale card, as its name implies, is a Barbarian spawning building. Troops also have the ability to respawn after dying, which makes Goblin Hut4Rare even more special. Instead of Barbarians, this card uses swift Goblins to produce the same result. Due to its slow hit speed, Mortar4CommonMortar can only be saved by a significant Royal delivery buff. However, it is a defensive structure with a long range that can fire enormous boulders that deal slow but effective area damage. Battle Healer4RareWith each attack, Battle Healer also emits a powerful healing aura to restore all of your hit points and those of your allies. Be wary of the enemies that approach too closely. Battle Healer will resume healing herself when not under attack. Elixir Golem3RareElixir Golem splits into two Golemites after being defeated, and when it is destroyed, it splits into two sentient Blobs. Nevertheless, if this card hadn’t recently undergone a pair of nerfs, it would have been more deserving of your attention. Zappies4RareAlthough the most recent nerfs have forced Zappies to the bottom tier of our list of Clash Royale cards, they can still be useful against troops with slow hit rates like the Bowler and Hunter. Zappies can disable such adversaries with persistent stuns, preventing them from attacking. One of the more affordable cards on our tier list, Electro Spirit1Common leaps onto its targets, whether they are on the ground or in the air. The next move chains nine targets together while also stunning them. It’s an excellent alternative to Electro Dragon, we must say. Common Skeleton Dragons are relatively ineffective against units that can destroy air units. To fill the void, combine them with strong defensive Clash Royale cards; otherwise, the Skeleton Dragons’ defense is passable. We’ll say this card is a neutral Elixir trade. Players can use the Elixir Collector to increase their Elixir reserves, which will make deploying cards easier and faster. Additionally, you can use it to divert troops from attacking buildings. However, because it provides comparatively few hit points at a very high cost, using Elixir Collector in this manner should only be done as a last resort. Wall Breakers2EpicThe Wall Breakers are dangerously lethal dive bombers. The duo blows up buildings. Royal Delivery3 CommonRoyal Delivery is very similar to the defensive spell Barbarian Barrel, which pops out any troop that approaches. Also, it can serve in an X-Bow deck pretty well.

whats the best card in clash royale 2

Although two players sitting back and watching their battling units engage in combat may make Clash Royale seem like a piece of cake, trust us when we say it’s not. Clash Royale has decks to give it a little more complexity and spice.

Even if you have skimmed through the aforementioned Clash Royale cards tier list, it is important to pay attention to the Clash Royale decks. As a result, the following are some of the top Clash Royale decks you should be aware of right now:


What is the most used card in Clash Royale 2022?

— title: State of the Meta – Most Popular Cards on Top Ladder in August Season 2022 seo_title: State of the Clash Royale Meta – Most […]

Giant Skeleton Hog
  • Archer Queen.
  • Cannon.
  • Giant Skeleton.
  • Earthquake.

What is the best deck in Clash Royale Arena 2?

Giant and Witch Combo
  • Spear Goblins.
  • Bomber.
  • Minions.
  • Musketeer.
  • Giant.
  • Witch.
  • Tombstone.
  • Arrows.

What are the top 5 Clash Royale cards?

Top 10 Best Clash Royale Cards
  • 1 Skeleton Army. The only card I’ve ever used in any deck I’ve used since I first started the game until now.
  • 2 The Log. …
  • 3 Valkyrie. …
  • 4 Mega Knight. …
  • 5 Prince. …
  • 6 Hog Rider. …
  • 7 Baby Dragon. …
  • 8 Goblin Barrel.

What is the mega Knight weakness?

Weaknesses of Mega Knight He is also incredibly susceptible to aerial attacks, making them one of the best ways to eliminate Mega Knight without even striking him. Mega Knight’s attack has another flaw in that you can stop him from jumping while he is charging.

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