Minecraft 1.17.1 release date confirmed (for now)

Minecraft 1. Now that 17 has arrived, it’s time to begin anticipating 1. 17. As the update is set to go live next week, you don’t even have to do it for much longer. Assuming no significant problems are discovered with the patch, the update’s first release candidate will go live early next week.

Minecraft 1. 17. 1 is set to release on Tuesday, June 6. Although the exact time may change, the developers say that, provided “nothing critical is found,” you can anticipate the official launch on that day. There isn’t much new in this patch if you’ve been following recent pre-release versions; instead, there are only a few very minor bug fixes, which you can view on the patch’s official website.

This update primarily focuses on bug fixes and small enhancements, as we’ve seen in previous snapshots and pre-release versions of the update. A lot of new content won’t likely be released until closer to Minecraft 1 18 update, which will contain the planned Caves’ second half

June 8, 2021


The Caves of Minecraft It was first announced during this year’s Minecraft Live presentation.

It turns out that some things were easier to implement than others, so rather than delaying the release of the entire update to a much later date, the Caves and Cliffs update will be released in two separate updates: 17 and 1. 18. Here is what you can expect from each update:

  • 1. Previously referred to as the “Summer update,” the version 17 update introduces new mobs like the goats and axolotls as well as building materials like dripleaf and deepslate. This update also includes the introduction of the new copper items.
  • 1. Update 18: Formerly known as the “Holiday update,” this one will include anything to do with world generation, including the placement of new biomes, caves and mountains, and changes to world height. Additionally, Mojang is attempting to make this update compatible with all of the current Minecraft worlds. By the time part two of the game launches, up to 91 new blocks will have been added.

The addition of archaeology is the final feature that will be delayed even longer. Mojang wants to give it more time for development as it’s a brand-new system and above all else “Minecrafty,” as stated by vanilla game director Agnes Larson.


Goats are rather fickle beasts, though, and if you annoy them enough, they’ll bash into you and send you flying off the snowy mountains in Minecraft. Goats appear in the cliff areas and jump really high, two full blocks to be precise. There is a chance that these goats will be screaming goats (with slightly different sounds) if you milk them.

There’s a possibility that Goats will ram into a block and drop a Goat Horn, which you can pick up and use to produce the trumpeting blare you hear at the beginning of a raid. We’ll let you know when we learn more about any additional effects that this might have.

Axolotls in Minecraft are currently found in confined underwater passageways in caves, though they will eventually be found in the Lush Caves. Just look at them. These are real creatures related to the cave salamander, and they are utterly adorable, don’t you think? They have the cutest yawns too.

These ferocious predators are your closest allies in underwater adventures in Minecraft. Just gather as many in buckets as you can and send out a lot of Axolotls to help with exploring underwater caverns. Why wouldn’t you want your own army of axelotls? They will attack enemies at first sight, play dead to regain health, and annihilate more powerful opponents with sheer numbers.


Given the split update’s nature, it’s simpler to simply list the upcoming blocks and their locations. The new Minecraft blocks in 1. 17 are:

  • Copper ore – found underground close to mine shafts
  • Dripstone and Pointed Dripstone blocks – found in caves
  • Amethyst geodes – found in caves
  • Glow lichen – found in caves
  • Powdered snow – found on mountain tops
  • Deepslate – found close to bedrock in the underground area
  • Shipwreck chests contain moss, which you can quickly grow by feeding it bone meal.
  • Glow Berries – found in mineshaft chests
  • Use bone meal on moss to help you find azaleas
  • Use bone meal on moss to help you find the dripleaf plant.

Keep in mind that some of these items can also be acquired by trading emeralds with roving traders. In addition to these new blocks, Minecraft 1 will also feature new ore textures. 17 update. They were redesigned due to accessibility issues for colourblind players.

Let’s delve a little deeper into a few of these blocks:


In rare circumstances, caves can lead to Amethyst geodes. Walking on crystals produces a wind-chime-like sound effect.

The specific blocks on which crystals grow cannot be taken, but you can destroy the crystal plants. The challenge will be developing a system for efficiently harvesting the crystals at their source. Crystals are used to create various products, including the new Telescope, which allows you to zoom in on details from a distance.

Telescopes also require Copper, a new resource. They resemble iron but are orange in color compared to the ores. They are found in ore veins rather than blobs, can be used to make steps and blocks like iron, and age over time by being exposed to oxygen, developing a turquoise hue rather than a brownish orange hue.

Copper can also be used to make lightning rods. Instead of using more flammable materials, these are used to direct lightning to the poles. The copper ingots will probably need to be melted in a blast furnace to create useful materials.

The player can use it to zoom in on particular areas for a closer look because it was made from an amethyst shard and copper ingots.


Candles can be used to dispel the shadows in the 1 They can be colored in a variety of ways and, of course, are placed on top of a cake to celebrate someone’s birthday. They are made from string and honeycomb.

The distinctive features of the new caves are stalactites and stalagmites. To drop the remaining blocks from above, destroy the blocks at the top of the stalactites. Stalagmites can harm both allies and enemies because they behave like spikes. You can use a bucket to gather the water from stalactites that also drip water. This gives you a renewable source of water.

Stalactites and stalagmites can be combined to create structures that are as long as you can imagine. Stalactites have the ability to drip lava as well as water, which can be collected in a cauldron below in case you need it later. A pointed dripstone will break if a trident is thrown at it, according to another observation.

Minecraft 17 beta release date

You can now play the beta if you own the Bedrock version of Minecraft, though only the first round of new features, such as goats and the fluffy snow, are available. By following the instructions in our guide, you can learn how to play Minecraft Beta snapshots on Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

Both versions have significant differences, and it appears that the Java edition is slightly superior. The Caves have undergone an update. Now, when these blocks are mined, they produce raw minerals, putting them on par with coal and diamonds. You can still gather ore blocks by using the Silk Touch Minecraft enchantments if you’re a purist and prefer how they appear.

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You can now explore those cheese and spaghetti caves on your own and search for a Minecraft diamond in an aquifer thanks to Snapshot 21w06a, which unveiled the brand-new cave system. Prior versions of the game added dripstone caves, glow squids, axolotls, bundles, powder snow, and lush cave blocks.

And that is all we are aware of so far regarding the upcoming Minecraft Caves. There are some intriguing new areas to discover and a terrifying monster to encounter. Even though Netherite weapons and armor aren’t very effective against wardens, it’s still best to arrive prepared.

When Will Minecraft 1.17 Release?


Is Minecraft 1.18 already released?

1. 18, the initial Caves release

When did Minecraft 1.19 come out?

The 1. 19 update: The Wild is finally out in Minecraft. It was released on June 7, 2022. The Wild update adds a ton of new game content, including blocks, biomes, mobs, and much more. Knowing everything you can do in the Wild update may seem overwhelming at first.

What is the new Minecraft update 2022?

The game will soon receive seven new characters that players can pick from the start: Makena, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri. The two default skins did not provide a wide range of diversity. They should be included in the game by the end of November or the beginning of December.

Is Minecraft 1.20 out?

Here you should know that Minecraft 1. Minecraft 1 has been eagerly anticipated by gamers worldwide since the release of the 20 update, not just in India. Numerous new features have been added to Minecraft 1 in version 20. 20 update.

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