when does snow come in gta 5 updated 2022

GTA Online’s ongoing gameplay is incredibly engaging, which most likely has something to do with how the game has changed over time thanks to frequent updates. Rockstar Games has just released its annual winter update, which includes extra items, deals, and lots of snow, following the release of The Contract DLC.

Although the addition of new holiday decorations and festive items like Santa costumes, fireworks launchers, and Christmas trees is fun, the snowfall in Los Santos is the highlight of GTA Online’s winter updates. Snow in GTA Online is the next best thing for players who reside in warmer climates. Here’s what we know about the winter update.

GTA Online Winter update (2022) release date

Over the last few years, it’s typically happened in mid-December – and would land around December 15th this year.

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When Will It Snow In GTA Online?

Driving in GTA Online is slightly more challenging due to the snow. (Picture: Rockstar Games).

In GTA Online, snow only falls during the coldest months like any other season. Since GTA Online has experienced snowfall every year, it is safe to assume that it will return in 2022.

There hasn’t yet been a formal announcement on when snow will return to GTA Online, so it’s unclear when exactly that will happen. When we know more details, we will update this accordingly.

But it’s a sure thing that everyone will be able to enjoy snow in GTA Online. Usually, a week or so before Christmas or the yearly Festive Surprise celebration, snow begins to fall. When players log on around that time, snow will be present in the game.

When Will The GTA Online Winter Update Release?

Even though we are aware that Rockstar Games is working diligently on GTA 6, we still believe they will maintain the current pace of content.

This means that we should anticipate at least two expansions each year. Since the beginning of 2019, when content delivery started to slow down, that has typically been the case.

If you’re curious, you can look at the chart below to see when the game’s previous expansions were released. But we’re fairly certain that in 2022, the game will receive another significant update.

We anticipate that the GTA Online 2022 Winter Update will launch sometime between December 13 and December 15, 2022, based on Rockstar Games’ usual practices.

Obviously, this is just a prediction, so until we hear anything official, take it with a grain of salt.

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GTA Online Winter update: When is the Holiday update expected to arrive?

The Christmas update will be released in the coming weeks, so gamers who have been waiting to play GTA Online in the snow won’t have to wait much longer. The snow update begins a few days before Christmas and is removed shortly after, so last year, Rockstar Games was added on December 23.

The date of this year’s annual Christmas update’s release has not been made public by Rockstar Games. Players have been anticipating the event since the very first one in 2014, which blankets all of Los Santos with snow just before Christmas.

Typically, the event starts right before Christmas and lasts until the first week of January. Sometimes it comes back right before New Year’s Eve. Snowy, slick roads and tracks are a favorite place for players to drive around and attack NPCs with snowballs.

As part of the update, Rockstar Games is offering new vehicles, weapons, seasonal freebies, and limited-edition clothing to players. Through the holiday update, which has previously included a Fireworks Launcher, players can also receive extra rewards for signing in and playing every day.


Does GTA 5 Have snow yet?

Grand Theft Auto V’s snowy weather can also be turned on using the in-game weather cheat code, though it is less realistic than the snow in GTA Online. Trainers can make the weather behave exactly as it does in GTA Online.

What time will snow be in GTA?

When does Grand Theft Auto Online get snow in 2021? On December 23 at 02:00 PT, 05:00 ET, and 10:00 GMT, snow may be coming to GTA Online for 2021.

How often does it snow in GTA?

Toronto experiences at least one centimeter of snowfall for 65 days out of the year. In mid-winter the snowpack averages around seven cm deep. Generally the snow cover first appears in December. For the majority of January and February, a light snow cover is still present.

Where is the snow on GTA 5?

Since the very first winter update in 2013, it has snowed in Los Santos and Blaine County around this time every year.

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