When storing built items in workshop, what happens to them?

Crafted things that you highlight in build mode and press “Store” will be stored somewhere and next time you build one in that settlement it won’t take your resources. You can see the number of them you have stored in the build menu when you scroll to that item.

Fallout 4: How to find stored items in the Workshop.

You Should Build a Bell

As you gather followers, youll discover that they tend to wander around your Settlements. You can waste a lot of time looking for them, so craft a Bell at your main settlements Workbench. Ringing it will call everyone to you.

fallout 4 storing items in workshop?

I have not used the workbench exploit ever and when space gets eaten up or my settlement size is hitting yellow I just lay off a bit and it seems if I give it time the size increases on its own. I dont know what factors into this method.. It may be that I also will scrap other non essentials such as in Sanctuary, I took some time at just going around and scrapping all those picket fences. Also it took me a good few game days just to go around and clear all the buildings of objects.

Post ยป Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:43 pm Correct, only materials are transferred as needed. Crafted items are “locked” to a settlement. But being able to store your 1000 junk items for steel/wood/etc at Sanctuary and just set up a supply line makes building at new settlements immensely easier

There is something that I have been trying to figure out… is there a distinction between scrapping and storing in the workshop mode… I assume once you scrap an item that you have created you wouldnt get all the materials back… I have seen evidence of this… But do you get all the materials back if you store the item…

Yeah see thats part of what I was bringing up.. I dont think if you store a fan in the workbench you can use the screw from it at Sunshine mills even if you have supply line there. I think only the base material components get shared. Which is why I store stuff in a junk trash can then when I have time break it down. I was losing materials (not really) meaning I was dumping my pockets at say Grey Garden then when I needed it found I could not use it unless I went back to Grey Garden then broke the fans, cans, fuses and other junk to its base material components.. I am not fully sure on this whole subject but I have been treating it as fact and just empty my pockets into a “trash can” I build next to workbench so everything in there I mentally treat as a “Job that needs to be finished at some point” and wont expect to have copper or screws from those junk items until.. I break them down.

Scrapping items give you a reduced resource pay-back no matter what or how you do it. With crafted items mainly guns you can save some of the mods before you scrap them and it might help you save resources. However it often costs something just to do that. Like say for example I have a sniper rifle I love but just found one legendary that has bleeding or has damage bonus that I feel would be helpful. What I can do is switch my costly upgrades back to the low cost Standard version and thus save the more costly mods and then swap them at no further cost to my new sniper rifle.

You Can Store Things in Workbenches and Crafting Stationsadvertisement

Every station and settlement with a friendly Crafting Station is a storage extravaganza. You can use the transfer command to dump your Junk and spare weapons in these locations, and come back for them at any time. Loading

Whats even better, is that all crafting stations are linked. Dumped your items into a Weapons Workbend? Head over to the nearby Armor one, and youll see all your items here as well!

This is hugely useful as Fallout 4s complex crafting system requires you to constantly gather new resources for modding and repair jobs. Use fast travel to hop back and forth between Sanctuary and the areas you are exploring and constantly drop offthe excess materials and weapons youve discovered.


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