when to sleep with a guy you met online?

When to Have Sex with Him (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Pros and Cons of Sleeping Too Soon With a Guy

If the chemistry is right, it can be exciting to let your guards down and enjoy the moment.

Life is unpredictable and if you wait for too long it is possible that you will not have a second chance.

By not waiting for too long to sleep with a guy you can get a better idea if you are sexually compatible.

Depending on what you are looking for in a guy this can be really important because lack of compatibility can often ruin relationships and even marriages.

Sleeping with a guy before you are both comfortable can potentially ruin your chances of a long-term relationship. Some people end up sleeping too soon because of peer pressure or alcohol before they get to know each other.

Some women also feel pressured to sleep with a guy before they feel fully ready if he spends a lot of money on them like for example paying for expensive meals or drinks.

Others feel that since they have already been on three dates, it is time to get physical even if it doesn’t fully feel right.

If the guy you are seeing is only looking to get laid, he might leave you after you sleep with him.

Jumping into bed with someone you just met doesn’t give you much time to figure out the guy’s intentions.

Some guys may also assume that you are “easy” and anyone can get you in bed which can make it harder for them to see you as a potential long term partner

If the guy wants to sleep with you on a first date, you can bet that he does this with a lot of other women.

This obviously increases your chances of catching an STD especially if the guy tells you that he prefers not to use any protection.

How Long Should You Make a Guy Wait To Sleep With You?

when to sleep with a guy you met online

There are a few reasons why many serious relationships start with couples waiting to sleep with each other.

First of all, by making a guy wait you can figure out his intentions. Otherwise, how can you tell if the guy is actually into you or just wants to get into your pants if you sleep with him on a first date?

Secondly, sleeping too soon removes a lot of mystery between you too which is important in building stronger chemistry.

It is always a good idea to wait until you both feel very comfortable with each other before getting intimate.

Even though there is a 3 date rule when it comes to sleeping with a guy, the better approach is to wait at least a month to really see what the guy’s intentions are and whether you are still interested in each other after a month.

The right time to get intimate with a guy is different for every woman. Some women are ready to jump into bed with the guy they just met a few hours ago while other need weeks or even months to be comfortable.

Don’t be afraid that he will leave you if you don’t sleep with him right away. If he does, he is probably not the best guy for you.

Do you really want to marry a man that can’t wait a couple of weeks or a month until you are ready?

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