Where do axolotls spawn in minecraft 1.18

One of the most popular implementations in Minecrafts 1. Axolotls, which debuted in the 17th update, are underwater enemies that are hostile to other aquatic life but friendly to players.

Due to their requirements, axolotls can currently spawn in a variety of locations in Minecraft. Even in complete darkness, they can be found in water at a depth of y=63 below sea level.

Additional requirements for axelotls include a stone block type with the tag “base_stone_overworld” at least five blocks beneath their spawn location. This includes blocks made of granite, tuff, andesite, deep slate, andesite, and diorite.

the lush caves biome

BreedingMain article:

Buckets of tropical fish can be used to lead and breed adult axolotls. A baby axolotl spawns after mating, and 1–7 experience points are produced. For five minutes in Java Edition and one minute in Bedrock Edition, the parents are ineligible to breed once more. Baby axolotls have a 1 in 1200 chance of being the rare blue variety; if not, they randomly inherit the color of one of their parents. Babies follow adults, and grow to adulthood in 20 minutes. The growth of baby axolotls can be accelerated using buckets of tropical fish; each use reduces the remaining growing time by 10%

For entity-dependent sound events, axolotls use the Friendly Creatures sound category in Java.

  • Except idle_air3, which is 0.8
  • Except idle_air3, which is 0.96-1.44 (Baby: 1.56-2.04)
  • ↑ 0. The horizontal axes’ velocity is multiplied by 0 while the axolotl’s momentum is multiplied by 9. 2 .
  • The axolotl’s momentum is equal to its horizontal axes’ velocity times zero. 2 .

Data values

Name Identifier Numeric ID Translation key
Axolotl axolotl 130 entity.axolotl.name

Entity data

Entity data associated with axelotls contains a variety of properties.

  • Additional fields for spawning mobs Tags common to all entities Tags common to all mobs FromBucket: 1 or 0 (true/false) – if true, the axolotl has been released from a bucket Variant: ID of the axolotls variant.

Axolotl VariantMain article:

Color Data value
Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
The Healing Power of Friendship! Team up with an Axolotl and win a fight Team up with an axolotl by killing the hostile aquatic mob [verify] while the axolotl is fighting it (not playing dead). 30G Silver

Historical images

  • Multiple axolotls in a lush cave.
  • An axolotl army attacking an Elder Guardian. Note the outdated texture.
  • Ditto
  • Axolotl variants from development, including unreleased green one.
  • The pose of the no-pose in development.
  • An axolotl playing dead in development.
  • Buckets of axolotl and powder snow in item frames.
  • A screenshot showcasing the addition of axolotls in 20w51a. A Sculk Sensor can also be seen.

Issues relating to “Axolotl” are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

  • All current axolotl variants. From left to right: blue, cyan, gold, brown, and leucistic.
  • A baby axolotl on the side of a group.
  • Three axolotls attacking a glow squid underwater.
  • All 5 types of axolotls swim in a lush cave.
  • Axolotls as seen during Minecraft Live 2020.

Concept artwork

  • Concept art showing various variations of the legs and frills as well as the unrealized “suction” behavior
  • “Axolotl Patterns” – Grayscale art of unimplemented axolotl patterns.
  • “Axolotl Colors” 1 – Sketches for other axolotl colors.
  • Flipped gold axolotl in “Axolotl Colors” 2 showing a concept for its belly
  • Unimplemented patterns were combined with different axolotl colors to create “Axolotl Possible Combinations.”
  • Other iterations of legs tested on the model.
  • “Having Fun!” – A group of axolotls swimming.
  • Concept art for the bucket of axolotls, “Cutie in a Bucket”
  • “Axolotl & Warden” – Sketches of the axolotl and warden.
  • Sketches of the axolotl, goat, and warden from “Scale of Cuteness”

In other media

  • In the promotional art for the Caves, an axelotl
  • In the promotional art for the Caves, an axelotl
  • An Axolotl in promotional artwork for the GOAT Update.
  • Axolotls in promotional artwork for Mobile, Multiplayer & More.
  • Official Axolotl artwork.
  • All 5 variants of axolotls swimming.
  • The caves’ green axeolotl
  • Axolotl plushie.
  • Lego Minecraft Axolotl.



Where do Minecraft Axolotls spawn?

Spawning. In the lush caves biome, axolotls spawn underwater when a clay block is less than five blocks below the spawning space.

How do you get blue Axolotl in Minecraft 1.18 1?

Players must first make sure that cheats are turned on before entering any world. They can then enter the following summon command into the command text box: “/summon minecraft:axolotl Variant:4” The uncommon blue variant will appear right away where the player is standing.

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