Where is Draff in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, the Raw Meat is a cooking ingredient. View all of the locations where you can find Raw Meat, its best farming routes, where to find vendors who sell it, and a list of foods that you can prepare using Raw Meat here.

Draff Kätzlein is an NPC in Springvale, Mondstadt. He is Diona’s father. He sells Raw Meat, Fowl and Bird Egg during the day (06:00 – 19:00).

Genshin Impact | Raw Meat Vendor | Draff | Location/Position

Where can you find Draff in Genshin Impact? Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Draff frequently visits Springvale with Allan, a hunting companion. They are positioned close to the large windmill in the middle of the community. You can reference the map above for his exact location. Its right where the player cursor is. He can give you some advice on where to find crystal ores if you speak with him during the day. Alternatively, he can offer you the spoils of his hunts, such as raw meat, poultry, and bird eggs.

Draff is a meat vendor in Mondstadt. This skilled hunter frequently kills numerous animals and birds, selling the raw meat, fowl, and bird eggs to tourists. Each day, you can purchase five bird eggs, 10 pieces of fowl, and raw meat. Few players are aware that he is also Diona’s father. Thats why this Cryo archer uses the bow skillfully.

Two hunters, Allan and Draff, can be found in Springvale village. The center of Springvale, where they can be found during the day, is where you can see a large and impressive windmill when you teleport to this village. On the other side of the windmill, at night, Draff stands in front of his modest home.

Draff is an NPC in Genshin Impact. NPCs are non-playable characters that appear in games and can be interacted with. NPCs are characters that provide information and provide contrast to the game’s lore. Some are classified as quest givers, while others are classified as merchants with whom you can transact business or request specific services.


Is Diona the father of draff?

Diona adores her father dearly and regards him as her hero. It turns out that Draff, the most successful hunter in Springvale, is her father.

Who is the daughter of draff Genshin impact?

Diona Kätzlein is a playable Cryo character in Genshin Impact. She hates alcohol despite working as a bartender at the Cat’s Tail, and she will stop at nothing to destroy Mondstadt’s wine industry, which is easier said than done given how much her customers adore her drinks. She is the daughter of Draff, a hunter in Springvale.

Where can I farm raw meat Genshin?

Raw Meat Sources In Genshin Impact
  • Brightcrown Canyon. Although hunting animals is the primary method of obtaining raw meat, there is one place that is particularly effective in this regard.
  • East Of Dunyu Ruins. …
  • Springvale. …
  • Southwest Of Qingce Village. …
  • Qingce Village. …
  • Tianqiu Valley. …
  • Starfell Lake. …
  • Stone Gate.

Is there a meat vendor in Genshin impact?

Draff will offer a variety of goods for sale, but the most crucial one is obviously raw meat for the purposes of this guide. You might want to return and visit frequently because this is the only shopkeeper who sells it.

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