where to find guy genshin impact?

Unexpected Encounter Genshin Impact(Green Guy)look for the suspicious person using elemental sight

Guy In The Background, Daily Commission Quest Adventure Guild In Genshin Impact PS4

Guy is an NPC located in the City of Mondstadt, Mondstadt. He guards the city’s side gate at all times of the day.

“That Guy”‘s Scheme World Quest Walkthrough and Rewards

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Details of Guy Disappeared in Genshin Impact

Missing Guy, is one of the daily custom missions that you can touch us on Genshin Impact. This mission will take place in Mondstadt, we will get Guy at the side door watching, the plot of the mission is as follows: Guy will be a bit depressed due to a letter that his father has sent him to know his work situation, which is always watch the door, which seems to Guy something that is not so interesting and boring, so he has lied to his father and told him that he is fighting alongside elite knights. Seeing that the Traveler is going on an adventure, he asks him for a favor.

where to find guy genshin impact

Goals of Missing Guy in Genshin Impact

To complete this assignment successfully, some steps must be followed:

  • Find and talk to Guy.
  • Get some of the items that Guy asks of you:
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