who has the smallest hitbox in apex

  • Gibraltar – 79 square cm – 140% increase.
  • Wattson – 37 square cm.
  • Crypto – 44 square cm.

All Apex Legends Season 4 Hitboxes Ranked! – Animations, Hitbox Size, Glitched Areas Analysis

Who Has the Smallest Hitbox in Apex Legends

It’s important to remember that while hitboxes play a significant role, there are many other factors that decide how strong a character is. With that said, Wraith still continues to have the smallest hitbox in Apex Legends. Despite receiving hitbox changes almost every season, especially major ones in season 8. The below shows some changes made to her hitbox that can be a little difficult to understand. This is from the season 8 patch notes.

Wattson, Wraith, and Lifeline once featured small hitboxes, but the three have recently received some changes, which bumped their hitboxes sizes closer to the medium range. Wraith’s hitbox was increased during season eight, while Lifeline’s received a size increase during the Genesis event. Wattson was the only remaining member of the small hitbox club until season 11.

This by Gamepedia showcases the Apex roster side by side, including every legend up to Horizon’s release in season seven. While there are still minor differences in medium hitboxes, most will be negligible. Wattson and Lifeline’s hitboxes also saw adjustments to bring them more in line with medium-sized characters.

Though a large hitbox may seem like a disadvantage, Apex tries to balance out the difference with perks like Fortified, which reduces the overall damage taken for legends with large hitboxes. Respawn also used the Low Profile passive to mitigate the advantage characters with smaller hitboxes had, but developers have removed it from the game and tweaked several hitboxes.

Respawn doesn’t release detailed information regarding characters’ hitboxes and the most data on the subject comes from the game’s community. There’s limited information available regarding the hitboxes of some of the latest legends in Apex, like Horizon, Valkyrie, Fuse, Seer, and Ash, meaning players will need to guesstimate their hitboxes based on the information available.

From ranked seasons to new legends, Apex changes with every major patch, and players need to adapt to the new conditions if they’re looking to achieve higher ranks in a new season. This includes understanding the metagame and keeping up with all weapons so you can know which ones are the strongest and try picking them up in a match.

Apex Legends character hitbox sizes

  • Bangalore – 44 square cm
  • Bloodhound – 37 square cm
  • Caustic – 68 square cm
  • Crypto – 44 square cm
  • Gibraltar – 79 square cm
  • Lifeline – 37 square cm
  • Octane – 38 square cm (approx)
  • Mirage – 44 square cm
  • Pathfinder – 63 square cm
  • Wattson – 37 square cm
  • Wraith – 33 square cm
  • FAQ

    Who is the shortest in Apex?

    Wraith is a Legend who can fight across dimensions and seamlessly rip open the fabric of spacetime. She’s also notorious among those in the Apex community for her Naruto run and an impossible-to-target hitbox. She is tied with Wattson for being the shortest character in the game.

    Who has the biggest hitbox in Apex Legends?

    Apex Legends character hitbox sizes
    • Crypto – 44 square cm.
    • Gibraltar – 79 square cm.
    • Lifeline – 37 square cm.
    • Octane – 38 square cm (approx)
    • Mirage – 44 square cm.
    • Pathfinder – 63 square cm.
    • Wattson – 37 square cm.
    • Wraith – 33 square cm.

    Does octane have a small hitbox?

    Bangalore, Octane, Crypto, and Bloodhound are members of the medium hitbox club, among others. Wattson, Wraith, and Lifeline once featured small hitboxes, but the three have recently received some changes, which bumped their hitboxes sizes closer to the medium range.

    Does Loba have a small hitbox?

    User ‘sant_priya’ found out after shooting some rounds near her torso that Loba’s hitbox is just slightly off the mark. This makes her midsection more prone to errant shots, as some players “noticed [they were] taking a lot of hits as her.”

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