R&B Singer Mario Explains Why Being A Pescatarian Is Great For His Dating Life

By his stage name, Mario, rather than by his full name, Mario Dewar Barrett is more well-known. The aughts saw the rise to fame of an R&B singer-songwriter who has also worked in the entertainment sector as a model, dancer, and actor.

Let Me Love You, which he had a number-one hit with, was nominated for two consecutive Billboard Music Awards. Another song of his that peaked at number five was “Just a Friend.” Singer Mario was ranked 98th on Billboard magazine’s “Artist of the Decade” list for the decade ending in 2000.

Mario most recently made an appearance in a live television performance of the musical Rent with Jordan Fisher and Vanessa Hudgens. Mario has appeared in the movies Freedom Writers and Empire in addition to the 2006 hit Step Up.

After a break in song releases, Mario’s eagerly anticipated new single, “Closer,” was released earlier this year. The vigorous dance move the song inspired became a well-liked TikTok challenge.

Mario told us that he was off the market in an exclusive interview ahead of the release of his Closer to Mars album. The R&B veteran made it Instagram official with his girlfriend, Kris Stephens, after showering her with gifts for her birthday.

Mario Gets Candid About His Dating Life And What He’s Looking For!

The R&B Veteran Mario is dating Kris Stephens. Last year, he made his Instagram relationship with the attractive person official. On her birthday, Mario gave her a lovely present, and she responded by thanking him on social media. Kris captioned a photo of the gift with, “Thank You, King!” Appreciating the gift, she said, “It’s so beautiful. The singer made their relationship on Instagram official by giving his boyfriend a diamond necklace and posting a picture of them kissing with a romantic caption. He wrote, “Love You. ”.

Later, Kris shared a different picture with a lovely caption. She wrote, “He is so sweet. Kris emphasized how happy she was to have him in her life by extending the “e” in sweet. She added, “Really baby you did all this for me,” to her previous statement. These balloons, gifts, bouquets, flowers, and chef. I am flattered. You are so sweet. I love you. She concluded the caption by tagging her boyfriend.

Fans frequently inquire if R&B Veteran Mario is dating anyone, and in this article, we’ll attempt to provide an answer. American singer-songwriter Mario, an R&B veteran, gained popularity with his song “Let Me Love You.” ” Mario claimed two Billboard Music Awards for the song. He frequently makes news either for his incredible music or for his personal life. His personal life has frequently been discussed in the neighborhood He was rumored to have dated numerous actresses and models over the years.

His interest in music escalated as he grew up. Later, he started a band at Milford Mill Academy and picked up the piano. Mario also practiced improving his vocals. He met producer Troy Patterson at the Coppin State College talent show, who was moved by his singing. He developed as a singer over time, and in 2002 he finally released a self-titled album. With the success of his debut album, which sold over 700,000 copies, he rose to fame among teenagers. Mario is best known for his songs like “How Do I breathe,” “Music For Love,” and many others. Throughout his career, he released a number of albums.

He just enjoys making songs and singing. However, when you are a celebrity, your personal life always makes the interesting newspaper headlines. You are undoubtedly here to learn who R&B Veteran Mario is dating right now in 2022, so let’s delve into the singer’s life to discover that information.

Mario Dewar Barrett, better known by his stage name Mario, was born on August 27, 1986, and is an American singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and model. He was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, and at the age of fourteen he signed a record deal with J Records. His self-titled debut album was released in 2002. It includes the top 10 single, “Just a Friend”. He won two Billboard Music Awards for his second album Turning Point, which featured the number-one single “Let Me Love You.” The singles “How Do I Breathe,” “Crying Out for Me,” and “Music for Love” were included on his third studio album Go, which was released in December 2007. His fourth studio album D. N. A. featured the singles “Break Up” and “Thinking About You,” and it was released in 2009. Mario was No. 1 at the end of the 2000s decade. 98 by Billboard on their “Artist of the Decade” list. When he released his fifth album, Dancing Shadows, in 2018, it featured a more introspective sound than his earlier works. More about Mario Less about Mario.

Who knew avoiding meat, dairy, and carbohydrates would be beneficial for your love life?

Maybe not for everyone, but R&B singer Mario said that going pescatarian has inspired him to spend more time in the kitchen and use his newfound culinary expertise to wow the many women in his life.

When I do go on dates, I try to fit a lot into one date because I don’t have a lot of free time, Mario said.

Mario admits that he doesn’t even know his type because he has dated so many different kinds of women, but he is currently enjoying being single and dating. ”.

In an interview with ESSENCE earlier this week, he said, “Being a pescatarian — more so on the vegetarian side — but being a pescatarian you have to find ways to be creative with cooking,” noting that a recent date included taking in the outdoors while eating a home-cooked meal. Article continues after video.


Who is Mario mother?

Mario Barrett has a $14 million dollar net worth and is an American R&B singer/songwriter, actor, dancer, and model. Mario Barrett was born on August 27, 1986, in Baltimore, Maryland. His recording career began with his self-titled album, Mario.

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