Why can’t i connect to minecraft server

You’re not the only one who has tried to start the game and encountered the Minecraft can’t connect to server error. Although a connection problem like this can ruin your gaming experience, don’t worry about it. Here are 8 quick and effective solutions you can use.

Things You Should Know

  • Plug your router back in after unplugging it and waiting 30 seconds. Disconnect and reconnect Wi-Fi on your device.
  • Check https://downdetector.com/status/minecraft to see if servers are down everywhere.
  • On your computer and router, turn off the firewall, or make sure that Minecraft is allowed access.


  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/3/3c/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-2-Version-2. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-2-Version-2. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/3/3c/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-2-Version-2. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-2-Version-2. 1 Determine the location of the error. “jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use/a> (screenshot) /p>/div>” Check to see if the issue affects all of the joined Minecraft servers or if it affects a number of them. If it only occurs on specific Minecraft servers, the issue is probably with the server. The most likely cause of your inability to connect to any Minecraft servers is a software problem on your end.
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Check Wi-Fi Connection

  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/d/d6/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-1-Version-2. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-1-Version-2. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/d/d6/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-1-Version-2. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-1-Version-2. 1 Verify that your connection is active. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use/a> (screenshot) /p>/div>” The Wi-Fi icon on most devices looks like a dot with three or four arcing lines above it. At the top of the list of wireless networks, click or tap this icon to check the status of your connection and see if Wi-Fi is turned on. Click Disconnect and then Connect again if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t working properly.
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Refresh the Server List

  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/9/9c/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-3-Version-2. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-3-Version-2. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/9/9c/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-3-Version-2. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-3-Version-2. 1 Try to refresh the server list (Java Edition) “jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use/a (screenshot) /p>/div>” Click Refresh below the list of servers. This often fixes minor connection issues.
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Log Out and Log In

  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/3/3b/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-4-Version-2. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-4-Version-2. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/3/3b/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-4-Version-2. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-4-Version-2. 1 Log out and back into Minecraft. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use/a> (screenshot) /p>/div>” Sign out of your Microsoft Account by going to Settings > Account. After logging out, close the Minecraft client. Wait a few seconds, then launch Minecraft again. Enter your username and password to log back in.
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Restart Wi-Fi Router

  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/6/6e/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-5-Version-2. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-5-Version-2. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/6/6e/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-5-Version-2. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-5-Version-2. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 1 Restart your Wi-Fi router. Unplug your router and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Then, plug it back in. If it doesnt automatically turn on, press the power button. It might take a few minutes for it to start up.
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Check DownDetector

  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/6/6e/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-8. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-8. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/6/6e/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-8. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-8. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:349,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:552,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 1 Check your firewall settings. You might be unable to connect to a Minecraft server because of your macOS or Windows firewall settings. In this case, you can either disable the firewall or make sure that Minecraft is permitted by the inbound and outbound rules. Check the settings of any third-party firewall programs that you may be using. Check to see if Minecraft is permitted through those programs, or turn off the firewall software.
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Disable Firewall on Wi-Fi

  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/6/64/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-9. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-9. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/6/64/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-9. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-9. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 1 Disable your routers firewall. Sometimes your modem or router may have its own firewall. Check the firewall settings on your modem or router by logging into the web interface. If the firewall is preventing connections to the Minecraft server, either permit those connections or turn the firewall off.
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  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/8/8a/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-11. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-11. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/8/8a/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-11. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-11. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 1 Contact the network administrator. It’s possible that the network administrator won’t let you play Minecraft if you’re using a network at a public, commercial, or academic institution. Use another network without limitations or speak with the network administrator about the problem.
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Uninstall Mods

  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/8/86/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-13. jpg/v4-460px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-13. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/8/86/Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-13. jpg/v4-728px-Fix-%22Can’t-Connect-to-Server%22-in-Minecraft-Step-13. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 1 Uninstall any mods. It’s possible that your game is having issues because of unofficial software or third-party mods. Uninstall any mods you may have installed. Restart your computer, then launch Minecraft again.
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Flush DNS and Renew IP (Windows)

  • 1 Open the command prompt. Click the Start menu and enter cmd into the search. Right-click the Command Prompt and click Run as administrator. Make sure Minecraft is closed.
  • 2 Type ipconfig /flshdns and press ↵ Enter. Do this in the command prompt window. Youll see a success prompt.
  • 3 Enter ipconfig /renew and press ↵ Enter. Again, enter this in the command prompt window. Youll see a success prompt.
  • 4 Launch Minecraft. Try to connect to the server again.
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  • 1 Update your drivers. Your network driver might occasionally be corrupted or out-of-date. Youll need to find and install any existing updates. Go to Settings > Update in Windows. Select “Update All” from the “App Store” menu under “Updates” on a Mac.
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Close Background Applications

  • 1 Close any background applications. Applications running in the background can use up needed bandwidth. Web browsers like Google Chrome may use a lot of CPU power. Close any unnecessary applications, then open Minecraft.
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Community Q&ASearch

  • Community Response You need to find out who owns it and get in touch with them via email or any social media they may have. Question How do I contact the server owners?
  • Community response To log out of Minecraft, open the launcher and select the “Log out” button. After that, you ought to log back in and try connecting to the server.
  • What does “Failed to login: invalid session (Try restarting your game)” mean on the server I open, and how do I fix it? Community Response Close the game; if it reopens the launcher, close that as well. Start a new instance of Minecraft.

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1. Check your internet connection status. 2. Refresh the server list. 3. Close Minecraft and reopen it. 4. Restart your modem or router. 5. Check the status of your game consoles online service. 6. Check your firewall settings. 7. Wait a while and try to connect again. 8. Contact your network administrator. 9. Contact the server owner.

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