Why Does Genshin Impact Need Administrator Access?

Video games have become popular with people of all ages, and Genshin Impact is no exception. Developed by miHoYo, this open-world fantasy game has captivated players with its stunning graphics and engaging story. With its immense popularity, however, comes the question of why Genshin Impact requires administrator access. This is an important issue to consider, as system administrator access can be a major vulnerability for the game and its players. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why Genshin Impact needs administrator access and discuss the potential risks associated with it. We’ll also look at the possible ways that miHoYo may be implementing security measures to protect the game and its users from malicious actors. Additionally, we’ll cover the potential benefits of granting administrator access, from improved performance to more comprehensive security. By addressing the need for Administrator access in Genshin Impact, this blog post will provide valuable insight for players who want to make

I think this is probably due to the anti-cheat software being used in the game. It is the same system used in League of Legends. It taps directly into your machine and as such needs administrator access to do its job.

Genshin Impact (User Account Controls) UAC Fix

Software/Games need administrative access to fully access the base system and avoid fraudulent activities

One of the potential causes is the game’s participation in system-level activities. Such administrative rights in games like League of Legends and Genshin Impact become essential to the effectiveness and performance of the game.

Software/Game need to fight against scammers

Scammers who attempt to circumvent the game’s functionality often use kernel or administrative level scripts. This is why the games also require administrative access to combat the cheating agents in order to prevent such attacks and cheating.

Why Does Genshin Impact Need Administrative Privilege

The need for administrative access to a system by a game or piece of software could have many causes. Most of the time, games require administrative access to run their anti-cheat engine and combat con artists. However, users must be aware of the true motivations for privacy purposes when it comes to entertainment, such as a game.

For those who don’t know, when you try to run or install the Genshin Impact on Windows, it requests administrative access. Without any limitations or rules, the software can enter your system with such access. This is why this matter became undeniable for most gamers.

Here are some potential explanations for why Genshin Impact needs administrative access to the base system.


How do I get an app to stop asking for administrator permission?

Load the control panel, type “user account control” in the search bar, then in the resulting panel, drag the selector to the bottom, “Never notify,” and hit OK.

Both are typically signs of an older program.
  1. Look for newer versions.
  2. Don’t install any optional components (select minimal if you can).
  3. Look for alternatives.

Why does my computer ask for admin permission?

If one of the following situations applies: a) You don’t have permission to access the file; b) The file you are trying to access is corrupt; c) You may be using third-party security software that is blocking the file, the error message is typically displayed.

How do I keep apps from running as administrator?

You right-click the . exe file, select “properties,” then select the “shortcut” tab, “advanced,” and “uncheck” the “run as administrator” box.

How do I open Genshin without launcher?

Play Genshin Impact without the launcher
  1. First, make sure the launcher isn’t running in the background.
  2. Open Task Manager and look for anything pertaining to Genshin Impact to confirm this.
  3. Close that program by right-clicking it and selecting End Task.

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