why is goku dumb in dragon ball super but he was smarter in the last couple episodes of dragon ball z

The beloved Dragon Ball Z character of Goku has been a fan favorite since his debut in 1984. While his intelligence and development over the course of the show has been impressive, viewers of the most recent Dragon Ball Super have noticed a marked decrease in his intelligence. It leaves many viewers asking why is Goku dumb in Dragon Ball Super but he was smarter in the last couple episodes of Dragon Ball Z? This is an interesting inquiry and one worth exploring deeper in order to understand the impact of Goku’s altered intelligence on the plot of Dragon Ball Super. In this blog post, we will examine the story arc of Goku in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super in order to determine the reasons for his altered intelligence between the two series. We will review the plot of the show, the character development of Goku, and the impact of the changes made to his character. Finally, this post will offer some insight into how this change in character has impacted the viewing experience for fans of the show.

Did Goku Become Dumb in Dragon Ball Super?

Goku’s ten most unwise decisions in ‘Dragon Ball’

Frieza completely overpowered and destroyed everything and everyone in his path during Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza saga. He killed Vegeta and Krillin, a large number of Namikians, and came dangerously close to also killing Gohan and Piccolo.

Despite this, Goku allowed Frieza to use all of his strength to settle the matter in a fair fight when he turned Super Saiyan and was tearing the villain a new one.

Not exactly wise, but then again, giving him energy afterwards wasn’t either. After trying to betray Goku, this immediately backfired on Frieza as the latter blasted him to pieces.

Frieza did indeed survive both this and the planetary explosion, but he would repeatedly receive his due.

9/10 Smart: Giving Perfect Cell A Senzu Bean

Though it may have seemed foolish at the time, Goku’s choice to give Cell a Senzu Bean prior to their fight with Gohan was a wise one. Goku realized at this point that he lacked the necessary skills to defeat Perfect Cell. We can clearly see how much more powerful Cell is as she gains more strength.

Therefore, Goku’s assertion that Gohan is the only person capable of defeating Cell is accurate. However, Goku might not have become a Super Saiyan 2 if he had permitted Gohan to battle a weak Cell. This could have negative repercussions in the future.

The Return of Son Goku and Friends!

Two years after Kid Buu was defeated, two Friezas Force survivors named Abo and Kado pursued Tarble, the younger brother of Vegeta, and his wife Gure to Earth. Because they have been terrorizing the planet Tarble has chosen to settle on (proving to be too powerful for Tarble), and have also followed Tarble to Earth, Tarble travels to Earth with Gure in order to find his brother and ask him for assistance in fighting against them. Vegeta appears to be apathetic to Tarbles arrival. Due to Tarble’s expulsion from Planet Vegeta for being a weak and passive fighter and the fact that Tarble was unable to handle it on his own, he also holds a low opinion of him. But he respects Tarble’s wife (which surprises him) and even bows back to her.

However, Vegeta is happy to assist his brother and actually prefers to handle Avo and Kado on his own. Trunks ultimately prevails in a competition to see who can pull the longest radish and is chosen to face the approaching villains, much to Vegeta’s annoyance, though the elder Vegeta is content with his son’s selection and urges him to exact revenge on uncle Tarble. Goten also joins in due to Gokus playful encouraging. Trunks and Goten are in the lead at first, but Avo and Kado use a cloning technique to turn the tide. Following a brief argument that Goku (joking about the marital quarrel) ends, Vegeta remarks on Trunks forgetting fundamentals, which Bulma claims is because he does not teach them to Trunks. Vegeta then claims he lacks motivation and the trait comes from Bulma’s side of the family. Abo and Kado merge to become Aka and regain the upper hand after Gohan’s coaching assistance returns the favor to Goten and Trunks. As a result, Goten and Trunks use Fusion to transform into Gotenks.

Up until Aka begins to use his Super Wahaha no Ha and completely destroys the surrounding area, Gotenks appears to have regained the upper hand. During the course of Gotenks and the rest of the Z Fighters’ defense of their less-capable friends from Mr Satans hotel, Vegeta and Goku go in to stop Aka. However, Goku tricks Vegeta by pointing in a different direction to divert Vegeta while Goku kills Aka by himself (which Vegeta remarks on later by saying that was unfair). Following their separation, Abo and Kado are shown getting along with everyone after changing their behavior. The final scene depicts Bulma and Chi-Chi, the wives of Vegeta and Goku, watching in shame as their husbands argue over food at the dinner table.

In order to save Goku from being killed by Frieza, The Real 4-D Vegeta appears with Piccolo and Krillin in Super Saiyan form in Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta uses his Final Flash to attack Frieza, but it does no damage to the tyrant, and Vegeta is knocked down alongside his allies by Frieza’s kiai as Goku prepares the Spirit Bomb.

Vegeta assists the other Z Fighters in rebuilding the destroyed city after Frieza is vanquished by the Spirit Bomb, though he grumbles about the work.

In Akira Toriyamas humorous manga Nekomajin, which takes place after Age 784, Vegeta makes an appearance.

Frieza summons Vegeta and informs him that his son and a remaining Saiyan named Onio who works for him have been missing for months. Frieza requests that Vegeta bring them back. Vegeta is annoyed that Frieza is wasting his time, but he goes along with it and sends them back to Earth in his spacecraft.

During a soccer match between Kuriza and Onio and Neko Majin Z and his unnamed friend, Onio kicks the ball to Kuriza, who executes a double kick and launches the ball into the air. Z says he can do better and leaps into the air to kick “the falling ball” with the same motion. Instead of striking the ball, the Neko Majin strikes Vegeta’s space pod, causing it to crash and injure his head. Vegeta was sent by Frieza to look for Kuriza and Onio. They are on the planet, according to Onio, because of one obscenely powerful man named Neko Majin Z. Vegeta engages Neko Majin Z in combat, but is unable to defeat him and switches to Super Saiyan. According to Onio, he also became a Super Saiyan, but it was useless against Neko Majin Z because he had already changed into a Super Neko Majin. After that, before they can continue fighting, Vegeta receives a call about something seemingly important and departs. He shatters the fourth wall by declaring angrily that “he will never again appear in a gag manga” as he walks away. “.


Why is Goku so dumb in Dragon Ball Super?

He’s not really dumb. He’s careless. He will take the chance of getting hit in order to gauge his adversary’s strength. He plays around so much in battle because he is too confident in his skills.

Is Goku dumber in super?

Goku is not stupid; rather, he has brain damage as a result of his upbringing. Goku is the best fighter in universe 7 due to both his brilliant mind and his immense power.

What is Goku’s battle IQ?

Goku: 76, despite the fact that at times you might think his IQ could be even lower, he frequently demonstrates that he is intelligent as well, particularly during DBZ.

What is Goku’s only weakness?

Perhaps Goku’s biggest flaw is that he never charges into a fight all out. He enjoys a good fight and has frequently resisted being aggressive so that the fight he is in will go well.

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