[SOLVED] Minecraft Stuck on Loading Screen

One of the most played PC games, Minecraft is adored by millions of people worldwide. But if your instance of Minecraft is stuck on the loading screen, this could quickly become a frustrating situation. But you are not alone, as numerous reports of Minecraft getting stuck on the loading screen can be found online. There is no known cause for this error, but there are some troubleshooting techniques that experts advise you try to fix the problem.

We can assist you if you are also unable to play Minecraft after the Mojang screen appears. This article will explain how to fix Minecraft on Windows when it gets stuck on the loading screen.

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Launcher. If that doesn’t work, you can try resetting the Microsoft Store or repairing and resetting the Minecraft Launcher.

Fix 4: Remove the adware

Many players discovered that getting rid of the adware allowed them to bypass the Majong screen that was constantly loading. To get rid of pointless adware, use the free tool AdwCleaner:

  • Go to theMalwarebytes official website and download the AdwCleaner to your computer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Run a scan and remove any malware found.
  • Restart the computer and see if Minecraft launches then.
  • One of the most frequent problems players run into when trying to launch Minecraft is this one. Players get stuck on the loading screen soon after starting the game. No matter how much time passes, the loading will not continue past a certain point.

    Mojang Studios released the sandbox game Minecraft in 2011. Since the game’s debut, it has been played by millions of people. It is one of the most famous online games. Sadly, some issues that the players encounter prevent them from playing Minecraft. “Minecraft won’t load past Mojang Screen” is one such issue.

    Despite how annoying this problem is, it is easily fixable. You can fix it by applying a few troubleshooting steps. If you’re one of the people dealing with this problem, you can relax. This article will detail all the straightforward fixes available. You should try the following to get your game up and running:

    Your Minecraft folder may be missing some crucial files. Performing a complete uninstall might fix that. Remember that you must remove all Minecraft data. First, uninstall your game. Now, locate the %appdata% and delete . (All of your Minecraft data, including all of your worlds, will be deleted.)

    Free Up Your Gadget’s Storage Space

    Your phone’s storage may not have enough room to accommodate Minecraft if it’s the only app that won’t load out of all the others on your phone. To free up more space, check your phone’s storage and delete any unnecessary files and apps.

    However, we advise backing up your crucial media files (photos and videos) to the cloud or external storage before deleting anything. After that, delete the files from your gallery that you had previously backed up. On your phone, you can also remove or delete unused apps if you need to free up some space.

    If you’re wondering why your version of Minecraft won’t load when using mods, know that this is a common problem. Whether you’re using a custom launcher, shader, or texture pack, issues can still occur.

    In the interim, you should disable or remove all third-party game enhancements, or you should swap them out for more dependable Minecraft mods. To determine whether there is only one mod that is problematic, you can choose to perform this action one at a time. Hopefully, your Minecraft will now load properly and run without any issues.

    If after changing the settings, Minecraft still takes a while to load, the graphics may have been set too high for your phone to handle. Sometimes, the settings even lead to the game crashing. If so, we advise reducing the graphics settings in your Minecraft app. Do the following:

    1. Navigate to the game’s home screen. 2. Tap the Settings option afterward. 3. Go to the Video option on the sidebar. 4. Toggle the Screen Animations setting to off status.

    Additionally, you can scroll down and disable a few video settings. We advise turning off the options for Render Clouds, Lovely Skies, Smooth Lighting, and Fancy Graphics. These are optional for the game’s operation, and disabling them won’t prevent you from enjoying it.

    We advise moving the Render Distance slider down to six (6) chunks and continuing to scroll down. As a result, your game will be able to only display assets that are close to your character. It ought to significantly lessen lag and resolve the endless loading screen.

    If you recently downloaded Minecraft from an unofficial source and it has already crashed and lacked, it’s probably an illegal version. Pirated versions aren’t as polished as Mojang’s legitimate app. Hence, they won’t load properly.

    In this scenario, we suggest double-checking your game’s authenticity (e. g. confirming the information from the source once more) and uninstalling the game if it is a counterfeit Purchase the official game from the Play Store or App Store after that. Some of the problems you were having with the loading screen should be resolved automatically after that. Moreover, you’ll receive better updates this way.

    If all attempts to fix the app have failed, uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft is unfortunately the only option. By doing this, you will completely reset your game and erase all of its data and settings. If it’s okay for your Minecraft progress to be reset after that, follow these steps:

    1. Access the Settings interface of your gadget. 2. On the menu, press Apps. 3. Pick Minecraft by swiping up on the list of apps that appears. 4. Tap the Uninstall button for the game. 5. Search the Play Store once more for Minecraft after it disappears. 6. Press the store’s search result for Minecraft. 7. On the game details page, hit Install. 8. Try using Minecraft again on your gadget.

    1. Long-press on the Minecraft app icon on your gadget. 2. Pick Remove App afterward. 3. Press Delete App on the pop-up prompt. 4. If you want to reinstall Minecraft after deleting it, go to the App Store. 5. Once found and selected, press its Get or download button. 6. Check to see if Minecraft is now loading smoothly by launching the app again.

    Minecraft Launcher Not Opening on PC Easy Fix


    Why does Minecraft get stuck on the loading screen?

    Restart your Minecraft client to see if that helps. Often, this seems to work. Using task manager, force close the game. Open the file named minecraftlauncjer by selecting the processes tab in task manager. exe or javaw. exe and click on the option named “ End task”.

    Why is Java minecraft not working?

    Now, outdated Java software on your computer, an outdated version of Windows, improper game installation, corrupted files, and game mods that you have installed on Minecraft are the main causes of the error “Minecraft not responding on startup.”

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