Why is Xerneas Blue in Pokémon GO?

In Pokemon Go, Xerneas is a legendary fairy-type Pokemon who can be difficult to find. However, in five-star Raids, Xerneas occasionally assumes the lead role.

This page serves as a thorough explanation of the best moveset, weaknesses, and counters for Xerneas. advertisement LoadingPlay.

In its Shiny form, Neutral Mode Xerneas has dark blue antlers, a white and light blue body, and dark blue markings on its legs. These modes don’t have different stats, but rather act as a visual signal as to how Xerneas is being used in Pokémon GO.


When/Where Is Xerneas Available?

Like all Legendary Pokemon, Xerneas in Pokemon Go can only be captured during five-star raids. Players can also catch Xerneas in the rank 20 encounters of the Pokemon Go Battle League when it’s accessible in five-star raids. If five-star raid battles don’t offer Xerneas, players can trade for it in a Special Trade.

From Saturday, October 8 at 10:00 AM local time through Thursday, October 20 at 10:00 AM local time, Xerneas will be back in five-star raid battles.

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If you’re fortunate, you can always catch a Shiny variation of Xerneas whenever it’s available for capture!

Blue Xerneas Color Change

If you’re fortunate enough to come across and catch a Xerneas, you might wonder why the bejeweled version you faced off against is displayed in your Pokemon storage as a duller blue version.

This is due to the fact that Xerneas is “resting” while in your storage and only “powers up” (donning its vibrant colors) when used in Battle Mode. So it’s not a visual glitch, and the Xerneas you encountered is still there; it’s just saving its extravagance for when it counts most—during combat!


Did Xerneas change colors?

Depending on which of its two modes it is in, Active Mode or Neutral Mode, Xerneas’s coloring varies slightly. Each horn is pale gold in Active Mode and is embellished with a colorful, three-part glowing protrusion (orange, red, purple, and teal-blue), with one side mirroring the other.

Why does Xerneas look different in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, it comes in two variations and serves only as decoration. While it will appear in its status screen as its normal form and when you are interacting with it as a buddy, it also has a battle form that only appears when you are engaged in combat with it. There’s nothing special between the two forms,.

Can you get a shiny Xerneas in Pokemon Go?

If you’re fortunate, you can always catch a Shiny variant of Xerneas whenever it is available for capture!

What is Xerneas neutral mode?

Instead, its markings and antlers are light blue in Neutral Mode, while the decorations on its antlers and spots on its back are a deeper blue. Xerneas has the power to share eternal life. This happens when the seven-colored horns on its head shine.

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