Why won’t minecraft let me play multiplayer

For innovative gaming features like cross-platform multiplayer and a single code base that works across all of your devices, Minecraft is frequently cited as the poster child. However, such a large project is sure to have a lot of bugs and obstacles that can make it difficult for you to have a good time. Fortunately, if you’re diligent enough to look for a solution, there’s usually a workaround. Heres what weve found out so far.

If you’re struggling to connect to a Minecraft server, there are a few things you can try: Restart your device. If you’re on a wired connection, try connecting with a wireless connection or vice versa. Try connecting with another network connection if possible.

How To Fix Minecraft Multiplayer Not Working

The multiplayer minefield in Minecraft could be fixed in a few different ways. Lets run through these for you now.

Make Sure Multiplayer is Enabled

Although it may seem obvious, you might only need to enable the proper multiplayer settings in your game’s world. Its a relatively simple process:

  • Open Minecraft first, then select the multiplayer world you want to play in.
  • You should see a pencil symbol next to the relevant world. This is the Edit button. Hit this button.
  • In Settings, look for the Multiplayer options. You need to ensure that Multiplayer Game is toggled on. You can also do this to specify who is permitted to play the game.
  • If these settings are set properly, you should be able to play multiplayer.

Some possible solutions suggested by Mojang are:

  • Verify the status of your network connection and make sure no applications are preventing outgoing connections.
  • Try turning off any firewall software that is already installed or altering its configuration.
  • Restart your modem/router.
  • As this updates your profiles authentication and connection with our servers, you might also want to try logging out of your account and then back in.

This error may also appear if the Mojang servers are having trouble responding to requests. After some time has passed if you’ve tried the aforementioned fixes, log in.

Check Your Microsoft Account Settings

The next thing to check is the settings for your Microsoft account if the first solution doesn’t work. Perhaps surprisingly, many account settings are focused on protecting children. With Minecraft, the Microsoft account may be used for additional purposes.

First off, a Microsoft account is what connects your Minecraft account across all platforms, regardless of the platform you are using to play. It also facilitates multiplayer. Additionally, it’s possible that your Microsoft account is preventing you from playing online if you’re using an Xbox or PC.

  • Make sure you have an appropriate, active subscription before you begin playing online games. This is true, for instance, of PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass. You might not be able to play multiplayer games online if you don’t have the necessary subscription.
  • If this isn’t the problem, see if the privacy settings on your Microsoft account are what’s keeping you from playing multiplayer games. For those under 18, this is especially important because parental controls might have automatically blocked online play. Changing the settings to enable multiplayer should fix the problem if this is the case.

Some Other Potential Fixes

The two fixes we’ve already listed are by far the most popular methods for fixing the Minecraft multiplayer issue. However, if neither of these solutions work, you can perform the following additional checks:

  • If youre using a VPN, try switching it off. A VPN may, in some cases, block P2P connections.
  • Make sure you have UPnP enabled. Your console uses Universal Plug and Play for multiplayer gaming and chat. So, if your router is not configured this way, it may prevent you from engaging in multiplayer gaming. Before you can enable this, your router might need to be updated in some cases. Make sure you have the most recent update, then log into your router’s setup page and confirm that the UPnP setting is enabled. Typically, the router manual or the manufacturer’s support page will have initial assistance for this. Turn the UPnP setting off and save your changes. Restart your console, your modem, and your router. Turn the UPnP setting back on and save your changes. Make sure the Zero Config setting is enabled if there is one. Restart your modem and router.
  • Check your NAT settings. Read how to refresh or change NAT Type on Xbox.
  • Make sure that your game is not being blocked by a firewall or antivirus program. Try turning it off if necessary, then test to see if that fixes the problem.
  • For a fresh connection to the Minecraft servers, you can also try logging out of your account and then back in.

If youve worked your way through these solutions and still find yourself struggling, then wed suggest reaching out to Minecraft Support for further help.

What Causes The Minecraft Multiplayer Not Working Error?

As you’ve probably guessed, there are a number of possible causes for the difficulties you may be having getting Minecraft’s multiplayer to function. But typically, they boil down to one of three reasons:

  • Minecraft settings
  • Microsoft account settings
  • Router settings
  • Third-party Minecraft software/mods
  • Server overload

These are the main culprits preventing you from playing multiplayer. We’ve also highlighted some additional possible causes, like the absence of an active online gaming subscription.

Whatever the cause of your problem may be, the solutions we’ve offered are your best bet for resolving it. And then you can enjoy the full Minecraft multiplayer experience.

If you’re just starting out, you might want to learn how to disable Minecraft tips so you can focus solely on playing the game.

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How do I enable Multiplayer on Minecraft?

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Why won t Minecraft let me play Multiplayer on Xbox?

Xbox One NAT settings are one of the frequent causes of some Minecraft players’ difficulties joining other worlds. You should still be able to play multiplayer games if the NAT type on your console is set to Moderate, but other players might not be able to join you in a multiplayer session.

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