Will Tatsumi Die in Akame ga Kill? The Character’s Ultimate Fate Revealed

Akame Ga Kill may be a somewhat older anime, originally airing in 2014, but its story tackles topics that are almost always relevant — from the rich exploiting and preying on the poor to corruption within the government. And given that the series delves into one groups attempts to start a revolution, its no surprise that many of the characters perish before the two seasons of the anime come to a close.

In fact, Akame Ga Kill is one of the few older anime series that never shied away from killing off its characters, whether they were in leading or supporting roles. Of course, it is a show about a bunch of assassins, so death is probably par for the course. Even if fans expected to lose their beloved favorites going into the series, the show still managed to make all of its departures pretty heartbreaking.

After Tatsumi manages to strike the core of Shikoutazer, he unlocks the true power of Incursio to defeat the Emperor. Tatsumi, using his last ounce of strength to stop Shikoutazer from tumbling towards the citizens, dies in the arms of Akame soon after. “Akame ga Kill!”

Tatsumi’s death

11 Sayo’s Death Led Tatsumi To Join Night Raid

Sayo was a sweet young girl who was Ieyasu and Tatsumis friend. However, after Sayo and Ieyasu made the fatal mistake of letting Aria take them in for the night, Sayo was given a drugged meal to lose consciousness before later being brutally tortured to death.

Even though viewers had little time to get to know Sayo, they felt horrible for her being tortured. Aria even noted later on that she only tortured Sayo worse than Ieyasu because Aria was jealous of Sayos hair. Not only did Sayo die because of Arias sadism, but also because Aria was petty enough to torture her over something so small.

15 Numa Seika Was A Hero That Met His Downfall

Even though viewers barely knew Numa Seika, he was previously hailed as a hero before Esdeath brutally killed him. He was so well-known that he was called the “Hero of the South” as part of his reputation. After Esdeath successfully defeated his army, wiped out his base, and crushed him both physically and mentally, she made him lick her boots before she finally killed him with a kick to the head. Even though Numas appearance was brief, his death was saddening to see considering how he once protected the Northern Tribes successfully before finally meeting such a tragic downfall.

14 Zanku Lost His Sanity From Killing Others Before He Died

Zankus death is fairly tragic to viewers because he already lost his sanity long before he died. After he lost his sanity from killing others as an executioner, he escaped his position and ended up killing random individuals throughout the Empire by beheading them. Night Raid was contracted to eventually stop his killing rampage, and Akame successfully slashed his throat. Many viewers felt that this was more of a mercy kill and that the death was tragic due to the circumstances leading to it. It also helped that Zanku finally found peace in death, after Akame killed him.


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