Your inventory is not available at this time. Please try again later. [FIXED]

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I experienced exactly the same thing some time ago.

I have no exact explanation, but my bet is that its something with steam servers. Either maintenance or some outage. So the only solution would be to just wait for server to go back to normal, unfortunately.

Writing to support might help(or at least give a bit more info) but they do not answer questions quickly and the problem would go away when they would answer, I guess…

Ok, for anyone with the query, a while ago Steam replied with this:

This did appear to fix it for me although it does still happen on occasion. (not very often though)

Steam server outages are nothing out of the ordinary, but an issue harassing players for quite a while is the inventory outage for CSGO specifically. Players are unable to access or look into their inventories at times as they are greeted with a message stating “This inventory is not available at this time. Please try again later.”

Is the Start selling date accurate?

If you set a Start selling date that is in the future, Amazon will not make those products available for sale until that date.

  • On the Manage Inventory page, click Edit in the far right column of the inventory listing that you want to modify. Locate the Start selling date field.
  • If the Start selling date field is blank or if the date occurs in the past, continue to the section entitled Is your product a variation of another ASIN.
  • If the Start selling date field is in the future, delete the date and click Save and finish.
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    How do you fix steam this inventory is not available at this time please try again later?

    Delete all of the folders in the Steam folder, except “steamapps” folder! The steamapps folder is the location where you have most of your games so make sure you don’t delete it mistakenly. Restart your computer and then launch Steam from the installation folder, and not a preexisting shortcut!

    Why can’t I see my steam inventory?

    Don’t worry, your items are still there, the Steam Inventory API is just down. The Steam inventory API goes down all the time. It happens often during high server-loads, like during Summer/Winter sales or during big tournaments, but it also happens at less frequently at completely arbitrary times.

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