How to get a zombie horse in Minecraft

Similar to skeleton horses, zombie horses are yet another variety of horses found in Minecraft. These have completely black eyes and green skin, just like zombies. Just like regular horses they can be saddled and ridden. They are helpful for climbing hills, jumping fences, and covering long distances. One of the swiftest modes of transportation … Read more

How to ride a llama in minecraft pe

As one of the game’s many neutral enemies, llamas have grown to be one of Minecraft’s most adored creatures. Everyone wants to learn how to tame llamas in Minecraft, but the real advantage of these spitting beauties is that they can hold chests with up to 15 slots of space. Before training and breeding llamas, … Read more

How to make sure minecraft is using gpu

Let’s face it: you want Minecraft to run more smoothly by making use of the strong GPU that is installed on your computer. However, how can one force Minecraft to use a graphics processing unit? That is what this article is all about. You can learn about the most practical solutions to the “Minecraft not … Read more

How to make a bed in minecraft pc

Making a bed is one of the first things you should do in Minecraft, preferably before your first night unless you want to hide out until the morning. Making beds is very easy and only requires two ingredients, both of which can be found within the first few minutes of opening a new Minecraft world. … Read more

How to get the best fps in minecraft

We are aware of how annoying it is for you to still have relatively low frame rates even on a powerful PC. And we’re here to help. This article compiles a few techniques for increasing FPS in Minecraft without using too many advanced settings. Go to “video settings” and do the following: Set maximum FPS … Read more

How can I enable command blocks on my Minecraft realm?

By selecting “Accept all cookies,” you consent that Stack Exchange may put cookies on your computer and share information with third parties in accordance with our cookie policy. Follow Polygon online: Filed under: One of the trickiest aspects of Minecraft involves using a special block to carry out commands automatically. Share All sharing options for: … Read more

How to download minecraft on a flash drive

The only video game in history to make its creator a billionaire is the fantastic game called Minecraft, which has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. It is currently the best-selling PC game with over 122 million copies sold. Let’s look at how to make a portable version of Minecraft on a USB flash drive … Read more