How rare is a blue axolotl in minecraft

Axolotls are incredibly unique creatures that exist both inside and outside the Minecraft universe. They make the ideal addition to aquatic builds in the game because they are cute and amiable. But not all Axolotls are equal. There is a type of Axolotl that most players don’t often come across in the game because of … Read more

How to get mods on minecraft xbox one

For Xbox One users who have the Bedrock Edition, this tutorial is intended. This tutorial will cover installing addons on the Xbox One. Minecraft: Where and how to get addons for Xbox One edition Previously, players could download mods from unofficial sources like mcpedl and then add them to their game using the official MC … Read more

Why can’t i log into my minecraft account

Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to troubleshoot the Minecraft sign-in problem with the help of simple troubleshooting steps. Are you wondering “why Minecraft won’t let me log in to my account?” or are you experiencing login issues on all your gaming devices? Because it is a “sandbox” game, Minecraft is a survival simulation with … Read more

How to make a railroad track in minecraft

Many Minecraft players can explore the world, other dimensions, as well as the iron ingots and the stick, which must be their mining base, by building a track system. After installing rails and connecting one track perpendicular to another, they immediately connect to form a straight line or a curve. You should carefully plan intersections … Read more

How to make the best sword in minecraft

The most powerful weapons available in Minecraft are enchanted swords. When it comes to surviving in any Minecraft world, they are an absolute necessity in any serious player’s first inventory slot. More enchantments are being added to the game as it goes along to use on players’ swords. This is making them even more overpowered. … Read more

How to make a medieval house in minecraft

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How to make a cross platform minecraft server

Downloading Geyser from our Jenkins server is available here, and setup instructions are available on our wiki or in the instructional video. Geyser can be used to connect to any current Java server and doesn’t require additional work from the client. A middleware called Geyser translates all incoming and outgoing packets. To join any contemporary … Read more