How to use lightning rods in minecraft

A lightning rod is a new block in Minecraft 1. 17 update has a special feature that draws lightning strikes from nearby areas. Even though this block has a crucial feature of its own, many Minecraft builders only use lightning rods for construction. So let’s examine what a lightning rod does in Minecraft in this article.

What are the uses of the lightning rod in Minecraft?

How to use lightning rods in minecraft

Intercepting a lightning strike ( via fr-minecraft)

One of the most helpful characteristics of the lightning rod is demonstrated above, where a lightning rod may prevent a disaster from destroying an entire village.

In more detail, the lightning rod will block any lightning strike that occurs within a specific range. Due to the heat of the lightning strike, this interception has the potential to prevent flammable buildings from completely engulfing in flames.

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The radius of these lightning rods varies in both Minecraft Editions, as was already mentioned. The Java Edition lightning rod has a greater coverage area and a 128-block spherical radius. The square area of 64x64x64 blocks is covered by the Bedrock Edition lightning rod. Why these two versions’ sizes differ from one another is not entirely clear.

Upon being struck by lightning, lightning rods will emit a redstone signal, which is yet another incredibly helpful feature.

The lightning produced by a trident with the channeling enchantment will also be deflected by lightning rods. The lightning rod emits a redstone signal, so you can use this feature to make some cool devices and effects. This feature has not yet been used by many Minecraft players, so a player who makes a cool invention will probably be the first to use it.

Lightning strikes intercepted by the lightning rod do not cause skeleton trap horses to spawn, though this is a very uncommon occurrence.

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Blocks made of oxidized copper can also be used in imaginative or adventure maps because lightning strikes will also remove the oxidation from them.

The YouTube video up top demonstrates all the lightning rod’s features in great detail. Players of Minecraft can use this video to generate some inventive building concepts involving the lightning rod.

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How to use lightning rods in minecraft

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What can I do with lightning rods in Minecraft?

If a lightning strike occurs within the lightning rod’s range (64 blocks in Bedrock and 128 blocks in Java), as its name implies, it will be redirected to that location.

How do you activate a lightning rod in Minecraft?

A lightning rod is a new block in Minecraft 1. 17 update has a special feature that draws lightning strikes from nearby areas.

Do lightning rods attract lightning in Minecraft?

The rods protrude from the top of the structure in an effort to draw the lightning strike. After the bolt strikes, the rod safely directs the energy’s millions of volts through cables made of copper or aluminum around the house and into the ground. Lightning strikes New York City’s World Trade Center on Sept. 13, 2021.

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