how to change currency in genshin impact

Genshin Impact CURRENCY GUIDES | How to Farm and Spend all the Major Currencies in Genshin Impact!

Should I buy currency in Genshin Impact?

The answer to this question depends on what you want out of the game. Genshin Impact is completely free, and its possible to enjoy the entirety of the games story content without ever spending a dime on the game. That said, there is a point later on in the game (were talking 20, 30 hours in here) where things start to slow down if youre not willing to spend at least a small amount to help them along, so if you love the game by that point but dont want to purchase anything, you may have to grind.

Well detail how to optimize your spend below, but the best recommendation is this: dont spend any real money on Genshin Impact until you reach at least Adventure Rank 20. Thats when the Battle Pass becomes available, and at that point youll have a pretty good idea of whether youre committed to the game or not. We dont recommend spending money on any straight Genesis Crystals until at least Adventure Rank 25, when the game starts to get more challenging if you dont have beefed up characters.

Genesis crystals and Primogems are two main currencies in the world of Genshin Impact. These currencies also reward the player with a first-time bonus. Read on. Written By

On September 28th, Genshin Impact, a gacha-based open-world fantasy MMORPG, was released. Currency is one of the key methods in which the developers benefit, much like in many online-based games. This is also one of the most common methods for purchasing in-game products and cosmetics. Genesis Crystals and Primogems are two of the main currencies in Genshin Impact. How to top up Genshin Impact? Continue reading the article for a guide on Genshin Impact top up.

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Step 1: Login to Your Genshin Impact miHoYo Account

how to change currency in genshin impact


Can you change the currency in Genshin?

The currency that the in-game shop charges is set by the app store and the settings on your app store account. We are therefore unable to control the currency you are presented with directly and this must be changed in your account settings.

How does the currency work in Genshin Impact?

Sigils are local currencies gained by going on expeditions in a certain area. They can be used to make purchases at souvenir shops for gear like level-up material, constellation activators, and weapon ascension material, and can even be exchanged for Mora if you’re running low.

How do you change the currency on games?

To change the currency, follow these steps:
  1. Access the Google Play Store app.
  2. Choose the “Menu” icon.
  3. In the dropdown, choose “Account.”
  4. Find your country and name underneath the “Country and profiles.”
  5. If you don’t already have a payment method for the new country, you will have to add it first.

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