How to make a cross platform minecraft server

Downloading Geyser from our Jenkins server is available here, and setup instructions are available on our wiki or in the instructional video. Geyser can be used to connect to any current Java server and doesn’t require additional work from the client.

A middleware called Geyser translates all incoming and outgoing packets. To join any contemporary Minecraft Java server, you can use Geyser because it functions as a standalone proxy. Additionally, Geyser can be installed on your server as a plugin, making it simple to convert your server to work with Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Geyser is tested to work with a wide range of hosting providers, and if you own the server, you aren’t limited by a Java account with our Floodgate plugin! Geyser can be joined from Windows 10, iOS, Android, and even consoles (see here for how to set this up)!

‘Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’ allows cross-platform play across consoles, phones, and PCs

Playable on Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, iOS and iPadOS devices, and Android devices is “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.”

You can add friends and play “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition” with them on any other platform. They just have to be playing “Bedrock Edition” too.

Quick tip: Be aware that when you purchase a copy of “Minecraft” for your console, you might not see the word “Bedrock” because the subtitle is typically omitted in the marketing For instance, it is frequently referred to as “Minecraft for Windows 10” on PCs. “.

You are playing “Bedrock” if you are playing that version of “Minecraft” on a console or mobile device. “.

How to do crossplay in ‘Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’

You only need to add and invite your friends to your world to play cross-platform. Heres how:

  • Launch “Minecraft” and log in with your Microsoft account (Xbox One users will already have an account). If you haven’t signed in yet, a button for this will be visible in the main menu. Additionally, console users will require a subscription to an online service, such as Xbox Live or Nintendo Switch Online. Emma Witman/Insider.
  • Launch a world you’ve already created or loaded Once your world is loaded, open the in-game pause menu.
  • On the far right, click “Invite to Game,” and then on the following screen, click “Find Cross-Platform Friends.” Emma Witman/Insider.
  • Select “Add Friend” after finding your friends using their gamertag or Minecraft ID. “.
  • Under “Online Friends,” newly added and multiplayer-capable friends will be displayed. Click “Send 1 Invite,” check the box next to their gamertag, and then ” When they accept, theyll be loaded into your world. Emma Witman/Insider.

Be aware that not all “Bedrock” worlds can be played with players from other platforms. This is due to each console having unique content that can only be found on that console.

For instance, on the Nintendo Switch, friends using other platforms are unable to access the “Mario Mash-Up” world template. You can only share it with other Switch users.

How to make a cross platform minecraft server

‘Minecraft: Java Edition’ allows cross-platform play across PC, Mac, and Linux

Although it cannot be played on consoles, “Minecraft: Java Edition” is the only version that is accessible to Mac and Linux users.

Regardless of whether they are playing the game on a Windows, Linux, or Apple operating system, “Java” users can play with other “Java” players.

Java makes multiplayer gaming a little more challenging than Bedrock, but it’s still manageable once you get used to it. These are a few of your options:

  • Using an IP address, you can invite friends to join your private or public Minecraft server.
  • It costs money to use Minecraft Realms, where Mojang provides multiplayer servers for you.

How to make a cross platform minecraft server

  • Alternatively, you can collaborate with other players by using a local area network (LAN), which requires that you be in the same location as them.

Check out our article on “How to play multiplayer in Minecraft: Java Edition, using either a public server or one you create yourself” for more information on how to play with others in “Minecraft: Java Edition.” “.

Bedrock & Java Minecraft Cross-play server tutorial | EASY | Working


How do I host a Crossplay server?

Play is possible across all platforms that support Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and mobile devices are all included in this. To do this, you’ll need a Microsoft account. Your Xbox account, if you have one, will work fine.

Can Xbox and PC Crossplay servers Minecraft?

This procedure is as follows:First, click the sizable “Create a server” button in the center of your screen. The next step is to decide if you want to build a Java or Bedrock edition of Minecraft server. Later, as seen in the screenshot below, you can alter it. Your server is now ready for use.

How do I create a Java and bedrock Crossplay server?

All about Minecraft Crossplay Despite the fact that both Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Java Edition support online multiplayer, it is important to keep in mind that they use different servers. As stated by Minecraft, this means that Java and Bedrock players cannot interact while playing.

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